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Memory Malibha-Pinchbeck

Profile summary

Professional biography

Who I am

I am a full-time scholarship research student based in the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET) in the Faculty of Education and Language Studies (FELS) at the Open University, Milton Keynes. The research I am conducting is based from my teaching experiences over a period of five years across three institutes in London at an FE, faith school and an independent school.

What I’m doing

I am conducting research on the reasons behind students' use of digital technologies, such as mobile phones, tablets and MP3s, in a variety of learning environments. In this research I am specifically focused on how students manage and negotiate their sonic learning landscapes and if the sonic practices and the reasons they give are linked to their cultural identities, educational experiences and trajectories.

 I am looking for more teachers in schools and colleges in London and Sussex to participate in this research so if you're interested and teach Level 2 and Level 3 courses, please send me an email.

Why I am conducting this research

 The research can help us understand how students in this digital era are shaping their sonic learning landscapes.This is valuable because it can tell us:

  • What the next generation of students seek from their learning environments
  •  How they go about shaping or personlaising their learning environments
  •  And lastly how students’ learning needs and future aspirations influence how they shape their learning environments.

The potential benefits from this research can create better learning environments for students by understanding their educational needs and aspirations.

What is needed

  1. Teachers to volunteer for two to three classroom visits per class and a one-off interview for up to an hour.
  2. Students from the classrooms visited to complete a 15 minute questionnaire and for those that volunteer to participate in a one-off face-to-face interview.

What I can offer you

I can give a talk on 'Doing a PhD.' This includes discussing what a PhD is; how one pursues this path; the processes involved when conducting research for a PhD; and lastly the potential outcomes. 

Research interests

  • Experiences of failure or exclusion and coping strategies
  • Student formed learning identities, narratives, trajectories and technologies.
  • Sociocultural perspectives on education.
  • Teacher and student agency, autonomy and voice.
  • Legislations and public discourses versus personal and lived experiences and discourses.

External collaborations

Supervisory Team

Dr Janet Soler, Senior Lecturer in Education, WELS -

Dr Byron Dueck, Head of Music, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences -

Dr Felicity Fletcher-Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education, WELS -

Dr Daniel Allington, Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence, King's College London