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Peter Devine

Profile summary

  • Academic Related Staff
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • LTIA
  • Research Strategy and Academic Operations
  • peter.devine

Professional biography

Peter has been with The Open University since 2006 and is currently a Digital media specialist at the Institute of Educational Technology. Peter gained a Masters degree with distinction from St Martins College of Art and Design studying part-time over three years in Communications and New Media. Since joining the OU, Peter has taken senior graphic design role on the VLE and the Virtual Microscope for LTS, and the OU Media Player for LTS in collaboration with IET. More recently he worked extensively on the design of many Learning Design items, the APD web site, Scholarship Exchange and the Learn About Fair all from within IET.

Previous to his time at the OU, Peter worked in Design, Advertising and Corporate Communications for Philips Professional Publishing and First Information Group as a Senior Graphic Designer, and The Open Agency as a New Media Designer. 

Research interests

Peter has previously researched the design, communication and to a certain extent the strategy behind crowd sourcing web sites between 1998 and 2006. More recently he has been investigating the production and application of sensor technology from an arts perspective.

Peter is also looking at the use of the Blockchain within the context of teaching and learning, and its potential for creating decentralised transactional learning ledgers.

Teaching interests

Peter has faciliated the graphic design of PhD students who attend the Poster Competition workshop during his time at the OU. He also worked as a visiting tutor at Central St Martins teaching web design in 1999.

Impact and engagement

As well as academic-related tasks, Peter became involved in the PER Catalyst project initially offering design services but later becomeing involved with teaching a group of secondary school students about design. Peter has also championed the use of Blockchain technologies in teaching and learning for a number of years and is pleased to see the technology now being given a thorough investigation by The Open University.

External collaborations

Peter has until recently been a long term collaborator with economist and journalist Max Keiser.


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Devine, Peter
In : ALT Online Winter Conference 2015 (7-10 Dec 2015)
Engaging Opportunities: Connecting young people with contemporary research and researchers (2018-02-01)
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The Open University and the Denbigh Teaching School Alliance, Milton Keynes.