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Profile summary

  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Life, Health & Chemical Sciences
  • radka.gromnicova

Professional biography

I started at the Open University in March 2011 working with David Male on transcriptional regulation of p-glycoprotein transporter on brain endothelium. Later on we began investigating gold nanoparticles for their potential for drug/gene delivery into the brain. This project was set up in partnership with Midatech Ltd. In 2013, I started to progress this work in my PhD project, which is aiming to broaden our understanding of mechanism of transport of nanoparticles into cells as well as to develop gold nanoparticles into promising delivery of oligonucleotides into the brain.

Since February 2016 I have been working on OU projects involving electron microscopy as I took up a permanent position within the Electron Microscope Suite at the Open University alongside finishing my PhD. 

Research interests

Nanomedicine, nanoparticles, blood-brain barrier, cell biology, electron microscopy.

Teaching interests

Operating transmission electron microscopes and processing in vitro samples for electron microscopy.

External collaborations

Midatech Ltd.


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Gromnicova, Radka
PhD thesis The Open University