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Saad Ahmed

Profile summary

Professional biography

I'm a PhD student, working with the Space Instrumentation group and the Centre for Electronic Imaging to investigate radiation damage in the CCDs of the Gaia spacecraft.

Research interests

- CCD Radiation Damage

- Semiconductor physics

- Stellar Astrophysics

- Gaia Space Mission


A homogeneous sample of 34 000 M7−M9.5 dwarfs brighter than J = 17.5 with accurate spectral types (2019-03)
Ahmed, S. and Warren, S. J.
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 623, Article A127

The local vertical density distribution of ultracool dwarfs M7 to L2.5 and their luminosity function
Ahmed, Saad; Warren, Stephen and Laithwaite, Richard
The Open Journal of Astrophysics ((In Press))