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Dr Sylvia Warnecke

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Staff Tutor, Languages
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • School of Languages and Applied Linguistics
  • Languages
  • s.warnecke


Fostering social presence through task design (2012)
Hauck, Mirjam and Warnecke, Sylvia
Fremdsprachen und Hochschule, 85(2) (pp. 175-200)
Repercussions of writing under socialism: GDR retellings of myths and epics as educational tools and challenging testimonies (2010)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Interjuli(1) (pp. 62-76)
Myth adaptations for children in the German democratic republic-potential and limitations of socio-critical writing in an authoritan society (2009-07)
Warnecke, Sylvia
The Journal of Children's Literature Studies, 6(2) (pp. 70-87)
Shedding the ego: Drama-based role-play and identity in distance language tuition (2009-04)
Brash, Barbel and Warnecke, Sylvia
Language Learning Journal, 37(1) (pp. 99-109)
Reynard the Fox for children in the GDR: the story of a tamed villain's adventures? (2003)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 84(3) (pp. 171-187)
The GDR: a paradise for children's literature? Between idealism and control of Marxist-Leninist cultural policy (2001)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Literatuur Zonder Leeftijid, 15(56) (pp. 343-353)
Die 'visuelle Bibliothek' des Gerstenberg-Verlages: Klassiker fur Kinder (1999)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Deutschunterricht, 52(3) (pp. 234-236)
Mythen und Sagen als Schulexperiment (1994)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Deutschunterricht, 47 (pp. 35-42)
Prometheus in der Schule (1992)
Warnecke, Sylvia
Deutschunterricht, 45 (pp. 35-42)
Researching participatory literacy and positioning in online learning communities (2016-03-23)
Hauck, Mirjam; Galley, Rebecca and Warnecke, Sylvia
In: Farr, Fiona and Murray, Liam eds. The Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and Technology. Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics (pp. 71-87)
ISBN : 978-0-415-83787-3 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London
Materials design in CALL: social presence in online environments (2012-11-22)
Hauck, Mirjam and Warnecke, Sylvia
In: Thomas, Michael; Reinders, Hayo and Warschauer, Mark eds. Contemporary Computer-Assisted Language Learning (pp. 95-115)
ISBN : 978-1-4411-9362-9 | Publisher : Bloomsbury | Published : London
Face-to-Face teaching in blended contexts (2011-05-26)
Nicolson, Margaret and Warnecke, Sylvia
In: Nicolson, Margaret; Murphy, Linda and Southgate, Margaret eds. Language Teaching in Blended Contexts (pp. 154-168)
ISBN : 978-1-906716-20-2 | Publisher : Dunedin Academic Press | Published : Edinburgh, U.K.
Asynchronous online teaching (2011-05-26)
Green, Hannelore; St. John, Elke; Warnecke, Sylvia and Atkinson, Vikki
In: Nicolson, Margaret; Murphy, Linda and Southgate, Margaret eds. Language Teaching in Blended Contexts (pp. 169-184)
ISBN : 9781906716202 | Publisher : Dunedin Academic Press | Published : Edinburgh, UK
Neu-und Nacherzalhlungen von Mythen, Sagen and Epen fur Kinder und Jugendliche in der DDR (1995)
Warnecke, Sylvia
In: Dahrendorf, Malte ed. Kinder- und Jugendliteratur : Material. Edition Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte
ISBN : 3-06-102819-6 | Publisher : Volk und Wissen | Published : Berlin