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A mutual support forum for students of K225, Diverse perspectives on mental health.

K225 study buddy group

Paula Kovacs 1 13 Join
Berkshire/Buckinghamshire Study Group

Berkshire/Buckinghamshire Study & Social Group

Lesley Rennie 1 4 Join
D171 - Introduction to Counselling

D171 - Introduction to Counselling October 2013

Laura Treadwell 1 17 Join
D171 April 2014

D171 April 2014

Clare Cambridge 1 Join
D171 Introduction to Counselling

A group for students of the course D171 Introduction to Counselling.

Siriagm - 6 50 Join
DD01 Overseas Support / Study Group - Oct 2013

Anyone interested in a non-UK based DD01 Study / Support Group?

Ian Reid 2 Join
DD101 Essex Study Group

Encouraging communication and study support for students in Essex

Gemma Brown 13 Join
DD101 introduction to social sciences bedfordshire area

hard working psychology students to study with and gain support from

Robyn Smith 2 Join
DD101 Introduction to social sciences starting October 2013

Introduction to social sciences

Kimberley Axford 22 Join


Anthony Guest 1 12 Join
DD131 - October 2013

Anyone else starting DD131 in October?

Galina Borisova 11 Join
DD303 Cognitive Psychology, 2013

DD303 Psychology, 2013, open forum

Tracey Rochester 2 8 Join
DD307 2014

DD307 study group

Rachel N'Jie 2 Join
Derby DD101 Study group

To provide support to each other via group posts, web chats and face to face study groups of those studying the DD101 either towards their Psychology

Emma Donald 2 7 Join
Discovering Psychology DSE141 May 2012

Peer support for study

Marilyn Brandwood 12 44 Join
DSE 141 Phsychology - Oct 2012 start

To discuss studies, form study groups and help and support each other

Emma Tallon 6 30 Join
DSE141 & DD131

Support group for the DSE141 & DD131 Modules and general dicussion

Nicola Slater 3 1 Request membership
DSE141 and Psychology degree study buddy

DSE141 study buddy

Hayley Cox 7 Join
DSE141 Discovering Psychology

DSE141 Nov 2011 Starters

Les Haworth 16 156 Join
DSE141 Discovering Psychology

DSE141 Psychology

Sarah Crowley 1 Join
DSE141 Feb 2013 starts.

DSE141 Feb 2013

Colleen Reilly 1 Join
DSE212 Exploring Psychology

A meeting place/discussion forum for Oct 2011 DSE212 students

Elena Fraser 14 48 Join
DSE212 starting October 2013 study buddy Hertfordshire

DSE212 study buddy

Rebecca Willis 3 Join
ED 209 Psychology

ED 209 Psychology

Matthew Ingram 1 1 Request membership

Arts and Humanities

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
A151 Making sense of things

revision of module

Roberta Vaccargiu 16 Join
A174 Start writing fiction

This is the place to come if you've studied/are studying the OU's Start writing fiction course

Robyn Bateman 30 106 Join
A200 Exploring history: Medieval to modern

A200 Exploring History study group - Discuss the module, assignments, study tips, and share ideas

Samantha Pearson 15 Join
A215 Creative Writing! :)

A215 Creative Writing group

Rhianne Hadley 24 45 Join

A222 Exploring Philosophy

Sally James 2 26 Join
A222 starting in October 2013, skype study buddies wanted, ideally on Philosophy and Psychological Studies Path.

A222 starting in October, skype study buddies wanted, ideally on Philosophy and Psychological Studies Path.

Kristie T 3 Join
A224 survivors

music modules; A224; former students stay in touch

Diane Coleman 4 37 Join
A251 November 2011 Starters

A251 November 2011 Starters

Debrah Hepworth 2 5 Join

English language and literature

Mary Konstantaki 4 33 Join
AA100 - Feb 2013 - Motivation and ambition?


DARREN Morris 1 Join
AA100 Arts Past and Present South Yorkshire Group!

Art Past and present in South Yorkshire.

Gemma Lee 1 8 Join
AA100 Feb 2013

Anyone studying the AA100 in Feb 2013

Emily Woodham 2 31 Join
AA100 Feb 2014 The Arts Past and Present

The Arts Past and Present

James McConnellogue 12 Join
AA100 October 2011

AA100 October 2011

Robert Lewis 6 14 Join
AA100 October 2013

A forum for discussion both academic and social for the 2013 AA100 Intake

Molly Stoker 88 Join
AA100 October 2013 West Midlands

A support and share group for students in the west midlands starting the AA100 course in October 2013

Emily Bailey 7 Join
AA100 starting in February.....

A100 starting in February

Kerry Smith 6 75 Join
AA100 The Arts Past and Present


Dermot Fleming 34 352 Join
AA100 The Arts Past And Present February 2014 Start

AA100 the arts past and present

Lauren Henderso... 19 Join
Are You Made of The 'Write' Stuff?

Creative writing discussions books current affairs poetry stories observations

Georgina Jane Petty 1 1 Request membership
Arts - English Language and LIterature

Books for your studies

Roxelleta Brown 6 Join
Creative writing partner/s wanted

Creative writing partner/s wanted

Gabriele-Isabel... 2 14 Join
English literature 2014!!!

Meet and greet for english literature people!

Layla Al-Sadie 4 Join
For the Enjoyment and Debate of Philosophical Inquiry

A group for OU students interested in moral, ethical and social issues through philosophy

Michael Douse 10 51 Join

Business and Management

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
B203 Business Functions in Context

This group focuses on the five business functions

Michael Campbell 3 Join
Business & Leadership - Starting October 2012

For all the students enrolled on the BA (Hons) Business & Leadership

Clare Jones-Anthony 5 17 Join
Business Degree with International Development

Business Studies

Mark Sutherland 6 13 Join
Cambridge Business Students

Hello, this is a group for Business students in Cambridge or surrounding area who may want to meet up.

Evangeline Scott 1 3 Join
DB123 You and your money personal finance in context

DB123 support forum

Nuno Santos 1 23 Join
From B190 to bookkeeping business

This group is for anyone who how intends to or has set up their own book keeping business.

Sylvia Collins 2 47 Join

Computing and ICT

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
B62 - Computing and IT (BSc)

A group for people studying the new B62 degree in Computing and IT

James Beaumont 25 135 Join
BSc CIT (B62) Feb 2012

BSc CIT (B62) Feb 2012

Peter Lesko 4 Join
Cisco Networking

Talk about any aspect of Sisco Networking

Prince Dissi 2 15 Join
Democratic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) delivering on-page content value

Democratic SEO for SPAM free website publication of your ideas and knowledge on the www.

Anton Hinxman 1 1 Request membership


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link

For students interested in and studying chemistry-related courses.

Sally Ford 17 55 Join
Exploring Science S104 Oct 2013

Peer support group for those on the same course.

Leisa Merrick 57 Join

Fusion - The Open University Physics and Astronomy Society

Yvonne Sutton 1 80 Join
Health Sciences

A group for all Open University students who are interested in health sciences and/or those who are studying health sciences modules and qualification

Sarah Burge 20 95 Join
Health sciences oct 2013 start

A group for new students of health sciences degree

Samantha Spence... 2 19 Join

Childhood and Youth

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Childhood & Youth Studies 2013

A group for people starting Childhood & Youth Studies. A place to meet your fellow students and to support each other throughout the Degree.

Lana Watkinson 1 Request membership
E100 General Support Group

A Study Buddy Group for those studying E100 to discuss anything about the module.

Cally Lakey 4 27 Join
E111 support group

Support group for those studying the E111 module

Danielle Canavan 2 30 Join

Health and Social Care

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Support for those with CFS (ME)

Fiona Lockyer 5 63 Join


Terri Schadek 1 10 Join
Health and Social Care courses

For those studying within this subject, come on in and grab a chair while I'll go stick the kettle on.

Emma Shawcross 28 130 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Classical Greek

Would you like to continue your Classical Greek studies? Join the group

Jenny Bond 3 Join

Students of French

Julie Yeates 2 54 Join

Scottish German Language and Culture Group

Val Smernicki 20 44 Join

Environment, Development and International Studies

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Climate Week 21 - 27 March

A group for people planning activities for Climate Change Week.

Yvonne Cook 15 23 Join

Wide ranging discussion group on the environment

Eve Carnall 1 17 Join

Social Sciences

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Criminology and Psychological Studies

Criminology and Psychological Studies

Diane Halliwell 1 34 Join
D821: Investigating the psychological world

A place for the last round of students going through "D821: Investigating the psychological world" to meet.

Damien Ryan 13 23 Join
DD101 October 2012


Przemyslaw Lastun 1 57 Join
DD101 October 2013

To encourage communication

Stephon Muraldo... 1 51 Join
DD101 Online tutorials?

DD101 online tutorials- I can't find them.

Carmel Lewin 8 Join
DD101 Social Science starting Feb 2014

DD101 Social Sciences Feb 2014

Wendy Carter-Bee 1 6 Join
DD101 Stoke-on-trent/Staffordshire Study and Social Group

This is a group for people who are based in staffordshire and doing DD101 - introducing the social sciences.

Fiona Cunningham 4 Join
DD101 Study And Support Group

Study and support group for anyone studying DD101 in Inverness and surrounding areas

Gillian Dunn 1 Join
DD101 study group Leeds oct 13

Study group for all starting a new course

Leanne Holdsworth 7 Join
DD101- (Feb 2014)

TUTORIAL Sat 15th- Swindon

Winnie Wilson 1 Join

Discuss all things

Johann Hattingh 8 Join
DSE141 & DD131

DSE141 & DD131

Zascha Friis Ejsing 2 Join

DSE141 AND DD131

Amelia Dymond 4 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
E214 - Equality, participation and inclusion: Learning from each other

A meeting place/discussion forum for Feb 2010 E214 students

Sara Pulfer 6 11 Join
EdD students' cafe

This is a social space for all EdD students to chat and share ideas.

Christine Gardner 2 16 Join

Mathematics and Statistics

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Economics and Mathematical Sciences degree

Anyone doing Maths and Social Sciences

Estibaliz Paez 9 18 Join

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Interest Groups


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"Calm down dear!"

Sound off about personal experiences of inequality.

Sarah Hawkins 3 9 Join
Learning at Work Day

A place to share what you learn at work

Robyn Bateman 12 11 Join
OU Geocaching

Place for fellow Geocaching OU students to get together

Alan Jones 3 22 Join
OU research stories

Home to some of the many OU research stories

Robyn Bateman 62 5 Join

Open University Chapel Choir

Ester Harries 3 Join
Societies Standing Committee - INACTIVE GROUP

SSC Platform group

Juliette Frangos 1 Invite only
T189 Digital Photography: creating and sharing better images

T189 Digital photography: creating and sharing better images

Jackie Nunn 1 36 Join
The Societies Standing Committee

The Societies Standing Committee

Juliette Frangos 1 5 Request membership
Universities Week

A group to celebrate universities

Robyn Bateman 28 5 Join
Welcome to Platform

An introduction to Platform, the OU's community website

Robyn Bateman 11 183 Join

Student life

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link

For students to share experiences and tips for studying with ADHD

Sarah Durden 1 Join
Fresh from A-levels?

For young students with a qualification that can get them somewhere else. Let's vent our ambitions here!

Aisha Abdullahi 3 17 Request membership
Gnosis! The OU Pagan and Occult Society

For students and staff with an interest in Paganism and/or the Occult

Therese Whitelock 11 55 Join
Innovation and sharing research

Innovation in revision

Nick Copeman 2 Join
Open Degree Students Oct 2012

Open Degree Students Oct 2012

Jo Jeffries 1 8 Join
Open University Northern Ireland Students

For Open University Students who live in Northern Ireland

Laura Craig 1 17 Join
Open University Students Association in Scotland

Open University Students Assocation in Scotland

Susan Beech 44 109 Join
Openings - students past and present

A forum for Openings students - past and present - to share their experiences of the level 1 introductory modules covering a range of topics.

Chris Nelson 7 59 Join
OU Activists

A place to discuss and organise opposition to cuts and fees, and to support the OU's emancipatory social mission

Ben Pritchett 4 3 Request membership
OU Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

Group for Latter-day Saints / Mormons and anyone interrested in Mormonism

Paulo Rolaco Pereira 1 9 Request membership
OU people stories

A collection of aspiring student and alumni stories

Robyn Bateman 80 7 Join
OU Students South West

OU Students South West

Jo Hanson 2 46 Join

A group for LGBT Open University Students and Staff

Phil Wilson 3 77 Join
OUSA (our friends in the) North

OUSA North - Open University Students Association

Caz Walton 7 9 Request membership
OUSA East of England

Open University Students Association in the East of England

Graham Wager 11 74 Join
Spain - Madrid OU Students Group

For those living in or near Madrid

Luismi Lopez Esteban 1 Join
Students and Alumni in the US

OU Students and Alumni that live in the United States

Melissa Medders 6 12 Join
Students with Disabilities

Studying with a disability.

Amy Bowman 9 55 Join
Study Group for L185

Study Group for L185

Carla Townsend 2 Join
The Open University Christian Union Group

A group for Christian staff and students to encourage each other in their faith and arrange to meet together in prayer and praise.

Dan Golding 30 74 Join
Y032 - Work, people and society access module

To provide support and assistance for those studying Y032

Cassie Corby 23 Join
Young students (18 to 25)

Aged 18 to 25? Studying with the OU or thinking of doing so? Then join this group!

Robyn Bateman 76 243 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Amateur Radio

CQ CQ calling all ham radio operators! A group for OU students that share "The Greatest of all Scientific Hobbies".

Alan Wyatt 1 7 Join
Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link

Asexuals at OU

Sally-Ann Winter 1 Request membership
Correlation Street

Stories from a mathematics classroom

Jonny Griffiths 6 Join
disabled students

disabled students

Noah Kirby 1 Join
E100 Oct 2011

E100 October 2011, study support group.

Waheeda Khan 1 14 Join
Happy OU Friends

chill out

Andy Drew 5 Join

islam, sunnah, evidence, muslim

Syed Hussaini 3 1 Request membership
London Study Group

Do you live in London and feel tired of studying on your own?

Catia Monteiro 2 Join


Jaidev Birk 1 4 Join
Open University East Anglia - Social Group

Opne University East Anglia Social Group

Zoe Wells 1 18 Join
Open University Graduates

A group for OU graduates of any age, background or interests.

Ramsey Hertzog 1 8 Join
OU Highlands and Islands Folk

A group for those living and working in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Susan Simpson 2 7 Join
Photography club

Whether digital or traditional film, this is the place to talk about all things photographic

Maxine France 12 159 Join
Support for OU Students with Fibromyalgia or Similar Conditions.

a support network for OU students with fibromyalgia or similar conditions.

Samantha Watkiss 2 1 Request membership
The 100-Word Bible

100 chapters of 100 words each taking you through the Bible

Jonny Griffiths 2 9 Join
The Higher and Distance Education in Prison Research Group (HDEPRG)

HDEPRG provides information for and by researchers into higher and distance education in prison

Anne Pike 1 7 Join
TMA02 - People, work and society!

people, work and society!

Jodie Benecke 1 Join
U211 English Language

This is for people who study English and want to meet other students ;)

Sandra Winter 1 5 Join
Video lectures

Bitesize video lectures from OU academics

Robyn Bateman 19 3 Join

Volunteering - get involved!

Jenny Bond 16 52 Join
West Midlands Students

Whos studying from the West Midlands?

Bhav Patel 2 12 Join


Paul Foster 1 Join


Paul Foster 1 Join


Paul Foster 1 Join
YOUR POETRY HERE !! Share your talent folks xxx

Open poetry room for all to share, comment and criticise

Rebecca Hawkins 6 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Association of Open University Graduates

AOUG membership open to all OU graduates

Ramsey Hertzog 59 10 Request membership
Graduates' and Alumni Forum

This is an opportunity for graduates of the OU to give their ideas on the way forward for the OU.

Petrina Stevens 6 15 Join

A place to talk about degree ceremonies, graduates and graduating

Robyn Bateman 66 87 Join
Memories of U221 and U207

Reflections on U221 and U207

Gill Kirkup 6 Join
OpenMinds 2012

The group associated with alumni magazine OpenMinds

Robyn Bateman 4 32 Join
OpenMinds 2013

The Open University magazine for Alumni

Jenny Bond 1 13 Join

Evolving creatively; spreading the Word

Gill Stafford 1 5 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Autism & Aspergers Syndrome

A group for anyone on the Autistic Spectrum

Rachel White 3 21 Join
OU Carers Group

Support, advice, information, comment, views and more for all those in a caring role

Jane Matthews 8 49 Join

TV and Cinema

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Be a TV Expert

A group for experts who want to find out how TV works, be considered for TV programmes and discuss TV/TV Experts in general.

Claire Richmond 1 5 Join
Crime fiction

From books to TV to film, this is the place to talk about crime fiction

Robyn Bateman 8 44 Join

From black-and-white classics to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, here is the place to discuss everthing film related.

scott_russon 10 59 Join
Reality TV

Platform's 'water-cooler' area to chat about all the latest events in all the 'hottest' reality tv shows

Maxine France 3 7 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Book Club

The place to talk about books, books, glorious books.

Site Admin 98 1,418 Join

Current Affairs

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Current affairs

OU Current Affairs Group

Site Admin 50 596 Join
International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day 2011

Robyn Bateman 36 18 Join
Race Online 2012

A place for 'digital champions' supporting Race Online 2012 to share experience

Jane Matthews 45 328 Join

Food and Drink

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Food, glorious food

Discuss food, from recommending restaurants, cooking help, and recipe tips and advice

scott_russon 9 58 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Mountaineering Society

Walking, scrambling and climbing in the great outdoors

Penny Johnson 6 38 Join
Olympics: London 2012

Join the build-up ahead of London 2012

Robyn Bateman 56 29 Join
Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Geoff Skeats 6 6 Request membership
Sports Stadia Stewards

Discussion group for safety/spectator stewards at any uk sports stadia

Kevin Clay 3 Join

Music, Theatre and Comedy

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Music Lovers


Reza Mills 8 41 Join


Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
OU parents

The place for OU parents to chat and share advice, support and help about the highs and lows of being a working, studying, juggling parent

Maxine France 28 153 Join

Platform Groups

Our groups area is where you can link up with people studying the same subject, on the same course, living in the same area, with the same interests - or any other point of connection you choose. We suggest you take a look around first to see which groups area already live on Platform. You can join as many as you wish, and once you're a member, and are logged into Platform, you can contribute news, ideas, links, leads; comment on other members' posts; create and vote in polls, start discussion theads and tell each other about events.

You can also set up your own group if your course, hobby or other area of interest isn't covered (remember to add it to one of te subject or interest categories available so that others can find it!). It's then up to you as administrator of the group to decide whether you want to share the running of the group with all its members or manage its smooth-running yourself or with a few others.

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