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The social and cultural study of music

Research Social and cultural musicology with The Open University.

This broad topic encompasses work in several distinct disciplines: ethnomusicology; sociology; social history; social psychology; human geography; education and marketing. We particularly encourage work that combines approaches and crosses the boundaries between disciplines.

We welcome applications in areas that correspond with current staff research interests. We look for detailed and well thought-out proposals, which set out specific research questions and outline the originality of your topic or approach. If you would like to discuss your ideas informally before submitting an application, please contact us (details below).

Qualifications available:

PhD or MPhil


For detailed information on current fees visit Fees and funding.

Entry requirements:

MA in Music (or equivalent)

Current/recent research projects

  • Listening to music in wartime Britain
  • The guitar in Victorian England
  • Gender and the British brass band
  • Popular music in Tunisia
  • Learning, performance and entrainment in Cuban music

Potential supervisors

Further information

If you have an enquiry specific to this research area please contact:

Dr Helen Coffey
+44 (0)1908 653280

For general enquiries please contact the Research Degrees Team via the link under 'Your Questions' on the right of the page.