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War and conflict in the twentieth century

Research War conflict and politics in Europe with The Open University

We have a wide range of expertise on conflict, war and politics in the late 19th to 20th centuries. Dr Annika Mombauer and Dr Vincent Trott share an interest in the history of the First World War; Dr Paul Lawrence has published on the history of nationalism; Dr Luc-André Brunet works on the history of both the Second World War and the cold War. There is also overlap with the Empire and Post Colonial research area, in particular with Dr Karl Hack’s work on 20th-century imperial and colonial conflicts and insurgency; and with the International Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice.

We welcome applications in areas that correspond with current staff research interests. We look for detailed and well thought-out proposals, which set out specific research questions and outline the originality of your topic or approach. If you would like to discuss your ideas informally before submitting an application, please contact us (details below).

Qualifications available:

PhD or MPhil


For detailed information on current fees visit Fees and funding.

Entry requirements:

At least a 2:1 in a relevant degree plus a masters degree, or equivalent evidence of ability to write and research at a high level, or a first class degree with a dissertation element.

Further information

If you have an enquiry specific to this research area please contact:

Dr Luc-André Brunet
+44 (0)1908 653266

For general enquiries please contact the Research Degrees Team via the link under 'Your Questions' on the right of the page.