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Strategic objectives

A shield showing the university mission, vision and strategyPriority

The key strategic priority for The Open University is student success. Through our scale, reach and our ability to support students to succeed we achieve a positive impact on society and the economy. This includes:

  • understanding our students’ study goals and ensuring they get onto the right study path at the right level 
  • supporting our students to successfully progress through and complete their chosen module(s) or qualification
  • delivering a high quality and flexible student experience with high levels of student satisfaction
  • supporting students to achieve positive career and personal development outcomes.


The focus on student success is underpinned by a set of related objectives, which together will achieve our overall vision:

  • delivering excellent teaching and research to enhance our distinctiveness, reputation and, above all, student success
  • enhancing our future growth and sustainability by diversifying our reach and sources of income and managing and challenging our cost base, to ensure our financial sustainability, headroom for re-investment back into the University, and value for our students
  • investing in technology that enables success – both student facing technology and our own internal systems
  • fostering a dynamic and inclusive culture by investing in staff to recognise and maximise their contribution to our success.

The Open University Strategic Plan
to 2021/22

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