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Generic adaptive middleware for behaviour driven autonomous services

Professor Gerd Korteum works in the Computing and Communications Department at The Open University. Funded by the European Commission, the Generic Adaptive Middleware for Behaviour-driven Autonomous Services (GAMBAS) project involves The Open University and two other partners: National University of Ireland (NUI) Maynooth and Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo, S.A.U.

As part of the GAMBAS project researchers have developed a mobile travel companion for bus users (i.e. a mobile app) that provides continuous assistance: before you get on the bus, while you are on the bus, when you get off the bus and when you need to catch your next connection.

Existing, more traditional, mobile apps for bus riders requires constant interaction: you can look for route information before you get on the bus but once you are on the bus they don't help you much: you need to manually query for new route information.

In contrast, the GAMBAS mobile travel companion offers a reduced-interaction style interface for providing continuous assistance to bus users. Using WIFI detection technology the mobile travel companion discovers if the bus at the bus stop in front of you is the one you need to take, on which bus you are riding, when to get off and when and where your next connection will leave from - all without additional input (assuming you have specified your destination on the outset of your journey).

The GAMBAS mobile travel companion is currently being tested in Madrid (in a limited trial).