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The Himalaya-Tibet Research Group

View of Himalayan valleys (Nigel Harris)

Researchers in the HiT (Himalaya-Tibet) Group at the Open University conduct research into the Himalayan mountains and the Tibetan plateau – how (and when) they formed, how they have evolved over the last 55 million years, and how they fit into the solid Earth-surface processes-climate system. 

We address a range of trans-disciplinary problems relating to the timing and rates of tectonic processes associated with mountain building, and assess their impact on the Earth system.  We investigate the processes by which the continental plates deform, and the heating and melting of their constituent lithologies. Current projects range from examining the mechanisms by which deeply buried rocks exhume within the orogen, to quantifying the role of uplift and erosion in moderating Earth's climate and assessing changes in the Indian monsoon through geological time.

Mountains in NW Bhutan (Clare Warren)

We work in the Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems, part of the Faculty of Science.

Please browse along the top tabs for information about our research team, our news, current projects, fieldwork reports, photos and videos, and recent publications. We are always interested in hearing from people who’d like to join our group: please contact us!