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Researchers and Research Fellows

Delivering research excellence depends on attracting, developing and retaining high-achieving research staff.

Our aim is to support the development of all research staff and to nurture our early-career researchers.

Research support

Join our research community and you will:

  • benefit from our vast information resources and unrivalled expertise in distance learning and associated technologies
  • access a wide range of online information resources
  • enjoy a 40 hectare landscaped campus only 45 minutes from London
  • work in laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for research into space, the environment, brain activity, music and more
  • receive dedicated research support from Library Services to enable you to manage your research profile and disseminate your publications and data.

Committed to researcher career development

We provide training and development opportunities for researchers at all stages of their careers. This includes postgraduate students, researchers on short (or long) term contracts and academic staff.  

Research funding opportunities

There are many sources of external funding available to researchers and research fellows at The Open University.

The majority of our research gets funded by the seven UK research councils:

We also attract a significant amount of funding from the European Union, particularly on EU Seventh Framework Programmes (FP7).

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