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Useful Resources

Student Research Project Panel (SRPP)

The Open University Student Research Project Panel is responsible for considering and giving approval to proposed institutional research studies that involve Open University enquirers, students or graduates as subjects. Therefore, the Panel should be informed of all projects which involve the collection of data information from populations, samples or other groups of students, graduates and enquirers. These data gathering activities would include those concerned with the development of University policy and practice on specific issues, as well as research into student characteristics.

The SRPP website contains a variety of information including a database of past surveys.

The Open University Ethics Centre

There are many people across the University, working in a wide range of disciplines, whose research or teaching concerns some aspect of ethics or value. The aim of the Open University Ethics Centre is to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and to discuss work in progress in a cross-disciplinary forum.

The Ethics Centre website contains information about current OU courses with some ethical content, research projects and internal and external ethics-related events.


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