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Citizenship and Governance

OU research is rethinking the changing relationships between citizens and authorities in the 21st century. Its scope ranges from global issues like migration, to the increasing scrutiny of private lives.

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International Development

International Development research at the OU is pioneering a different approach which we call ‘inclusive innovation’. We are working with poor and marginalised people developing their own solutions.

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The OU is one of the top three university space science centres in the UK. OU scientists play key roles in iconic missions, such as Rosetta, the first comet landing. 

Find out more about what we do and how space helps economic growth


The Open University is the European leader for massive innovations in learning technologies which have worldwide influence and deliver digital education at scale.

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Postgraduate research students

The OU has a vibrant international community of research students working in state-of-the-art facilities with academics who are leading experts in their disciplines.

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Open Research Online database

OU research is available to all via our free public access online repository, home to thousands of peer-reviewed publications.

Read about building an explorers' base on the moon using 3D printing


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