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Open Technology Enhanced Learning research at The Open University

The Open University is the European leader for massive innovations in learning technologies which break down barriers globally.

Our research in Open Technology Enhanced Learning is driving innovations in teaching, learning and assessment which have worldwide influence.

Since 1969 our ideas and our pioneering learning technologies have been advancing our mission to make high-quality education accessible to all.

Research specialisms

Design and analytics in learning

Developing and evaluating new methods, models, systems and technologies to help people learn, make learning more accessible and enhance learning.

Learning at scale

Considering the way that open forms of education achieve scale and bring benefits to learners, teachers and organisations and how learning can take place through diverse media in a wide range of social, cultural and disciplinary settings.

Global and inclusive learning

Exploring new approaces to learning and teaching to enhance access while taking account of the importance of language, culture and accessibility.

Shaping the future of education

Exploring how learning and technology are shaped by each other, taking ideas from theory and putting them into practice, offering distinctive local solutions to global educational challenges.

Professional and digital learning

Exploiting emerging work practices, learning processes and technology use in a range of different organisations worldwide.

Research highlights

Research impacts