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International Development

International Development research at the OU

Decades of top-down aid and development policies have failed to address global inequity and grinding poverty for billions of world citizens.

Our international development research is pioneering a different approach which we call ‘inclusive innovation’.

We are involving poor and marginalised people in developing their own solutions, and working with them to bring about a fairer and sustainable world.

Research specialisms

Infrastructures for inclusion and sustainability

Creating greener, climate-friendly development pathways for countries whose economies are being impacted by the rise of China.

Innovation for food and energy

Working with poor consumers to improve productivity and sustainability through innovation in the agri-food and energy sectors.

Stronger health systems

Identifying and attacking health system weaknesses, improving developing countries’ capacity to deal with crises like the Ebola virus

Innovation in education

Using our expertise in learning at scale to support countries in Africa and Asia in building their education systems and training key workers.

Ethical consumer behaviour and supply chains

Identifying global commodity supply chains with the potential to reduce producer poverty, and mobilising consumer support.

Research highlights

Impacts of our research