Teaching astrophysical exploration to distance learners

The OpenScience Observatories (OSO) represent the pinnacle of a decade of research-led development, translating expertise gained through professional astrophysical research, technology exploitation and educational research into an astronomy curriculum that enables OU students at all levels to study astrophysical exploration.

The two OSO robotic telescopes in Tenerife facilitate monitoring of the variable Universe, contributing to compact binary star research, exoplanet research and research on optical counterparts of gravitational waves. Together with a robotic radio telescope at Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, these facilities are also instrumental in teaching practical science – observational astronomy – to OU distance learners at all levels.

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An OU academic, who specialises in the use of technology among older people to combat isolation, has come up with tips to keep connected during COVID-19.

27th March 2020
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