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Peter Twining is Professor of Education (Futures) at The Open University. He has been a primary school teacher, initial teacher educator, the Head of Department of Education at The Open University, the Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology, and Co-Editor in Chief of Computers & Education. Peter has brought in over £10 million of external funding to The Open University, primarily linked with his focus on the future of education, building upon his understandings of pedagogy, teacher professional learning, educational change, and the role of digital technology in and on schooling.

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Arrokoth. Quapan/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Why the most distant object ever visited looks like a snowman – flyby delivers results

Just over a year ago, courtesy of NASA’s New Horizons mission, we were treated to images of 2014MU69, a small object 6.6 billion kilometers from the sun – making it the most distant object to have ever been visited by a spacecraft.

18th February 2020
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