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  2. Day 182, Year of #Mygration: International healthcare worker migration in Asia Pacific

Day 182, Year of #Mygration: International healthcare worker migration in Asia Pacific

Map of Asia Pacific

Most of the discussions on migrant health care workers in the UK are underpinned by statistics on vacancies and staff shortages in the NHS and seldomly we hear about the impact of importing health care workers from middle and low-income countries. Professor Nicola Yeates' paper discusses these with particular emphasis on the Asia Pacific region.

The paper looks beyond problems and highlights the importance of the World Health Organisation Global Code aimed at promoting “dialogue on, and good practice in, international recruitment of health workers, encouraging countries to achieve greater sustainability, while recognising the importance of ethical recruitment and the basic human right of every person to migrate”.

The paper looks at both health care workers migration within the region and beyond. It is a good read for those interested in ethical recruitment of health workers from overseas, policy makers involved in education and international development, academics interested in migration and the wider public interested in understanding connections between what we see on the ground and what is happening in the sending countries of health care workers. 

Read 'International healthcare worker migration in Asia Pacific: International policy responses'

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