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Diane Ford is Manager of eSTEeM, the STEM Faculty Scholarship and Innovation Centre, where she facilitates and organises the support of educational research on teaching and learning. The establishment of eSTEeM eight years ago, and its well-established track record of practitioner-led scholarship, are testament to Diane’s superb organisational skills and her unparalleled understanding of the role of evidence-based teaching in delivering a quality student experience.

Diane has a strong and insightful understanding of the context in which she works and uses her abilities to empower individuals to initiate and complete scholarly work that enhances teaching and learning in STEM.

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Robot teaching student

New grant to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in teaching

Professor Bart Rienties and Dr Wayne Holmes in the OU’s  Institute of Educational Technology, have won Erasmus+ funding for a project called Artificial Intelligence in Teaching”.

13th November 2019
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