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The solar system’s largest volcano Olympus Mons on Mars, seen by Viking 1. NASA/JPL

From volcanoes on Mars to scarps on Mercury – how places on other worlds get their names

The New Horizons spacecraft, which flew past Pluto in 2015, successfully completed a flyby of “Ultima Thule”, an object in the Kuiper belt of bodies beyond Neptune on January 1, 2019.

3rd January 2019
Female researcher using microscope

How OU research impacted on the world in 2018

As 2019 begins, OU research looks back on its impact on 2018, which ranges from discovering a new planet, to tackling fake news, to understanding reading habits from the past to today.

3rd January 2019

New grant to bring mathematical meaning to the concept of order

An OU researcher is leading a research project aimed at understanding mathematical structures which display a particularly interesting kind of order, which could have implications for the design of smart materials.

2nd January 2019

Day 250, Year of #Mygration: 'The endless unfinished conversation of identity'

On Day 250, Professor Simon Lee reflects on the Year of #Mygration

19th December 2018

Curious Kids: why don’t poorer countries just print more money?

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages, where The Conversation asks experts to answer questions from kids. 

19th December 2018
Jan Figel and Jessica Giles

Plea to remain “open-minded and open-hearted” with respect to religion

Special Envoy for Promotion of freedom of religion outside the EU and former deputy prime minister of the Slovak Republic, Dr Ján Figeľ, stressed the importance of remaining ‘open-minded and open-hearted’ around religion, when he visited the OU last week (December 2018)

19th December 2018

Day 249, Year of #Mygration: The Global Compact for Migration & statelessness in migration governance

Dr Tendayi Bloom, Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at The Open University shares her thoughts after attending the intergovernmental meeting to adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)

18th December 2018

Day 248, Year of #Mygration: Refugees and Mental Health - Should I stay or go back to Syria?

In today's post, Dr Sharif Haider (Lecturer, Social Work, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, The Open University) discusses mental health among the refugee community. He urges us to refrain from labelling refugees experiencing mental health issues

17th December 2018
A photo of a wheelbarrow in an allotment

Day 247, Year of #Mygration: Refugee Allotment Project

In today’s blog post, Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo, a Visiting Research Fellow in The Open University's Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, highlights how a Refugee Allotment Project in Plymouth has proven to be a powerful, low-cost, integration initiative

14th December 2018
Female learning on a laptop computer

Day 246, Year of #Mygration: What happens when ‘East meets West’?

Laura Tan, an Associate Lecturer in Psychology at the OU, explores what benefits and barriers may exist when postgraduate students with East Asian heritage (mixed, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian) study online with a Western university

13th December 2018

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