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Image shows the computational model of the brain arteries

New algorithm to model blood supply to the brain

A new algorithm has been developed by OU physicists which will make it possible to model the supply of blood to the brain.

20th June 2019
International Space Station - NASA

OU receives £6.7 million to expand Astrobiology Research

The Open University OU) has received £6.7 million to expand its Astrobiology Research Group to address fundamental questions about life beyond the Earth. The grant is awarded under Research England’s “Expanding Excellence in England (E3) 2019-2022”.

13th June 2019
Man using mobile phone whilst driving

OU researcher’s evidence to Transport Committee recommends “an outright ban of any kind of phone use by drivers”

An OU researcher is presenting evidence today (Wednesday 12 June) to the Transport Select Committee to recommend an outright ban of any kind of phone use by drivers.

11th June 2019
Grandfather and grandson playing computer games

Gaming for centenarians will help our aging population stay healthy

Gamer Dr Hannah R. Marston presented her research at the billion-dollar tech company Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment last week.

6th June 2019
Theo Papaioannou

The idea of social justice in innovation

As The Open University celebrates its 50th anniversary, Theo Papaioannou, Professor of Politics, Innovation and Development, delivered his inaugural lecture to explore the idea of social justice in innovation.

5th June 2019
Floodplain meadow covered in water

New research phase for Floodplain Meadows Partnership

The Open University-led Floodplain Meadows Partnership has been awarded £280,000 from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to raise awareness of the need to protect ecologically important sites.

31st May 2019

New light imagers for new discoveries in science

An OU academic has received funding to develop single photon visible light imagers which could lead to new discoveries in science and technology.

31st May 2019
By Unknown -, Stadtbibliohek Nürnberg; municipal library Nuremberg, Public Domain,

Research into the effect of music on courts and cities in 16th-century Europe

An OU academic has received funding to explore the effects of music on the soundscapes of courts and cities across Europe and the people who worked and lived in these different environments at the turn of the 16th century.

29th May 2019
Jo Phoenix

Youth crime and justice: Does age matter?

As The Open University celebrates its 50th anniversary, Jo Phoenix, Professor of Criminology, delivered her inaugural lecture on youth crime and justice.

21st May 2019
Friends toasting with whisky

OU space expertise applied to detect counterfeit whisky

OU space science expertise is being used to detect counterfeit whiskies posing as Scotch Whisky. Led by Dr Geraint Morgan, from the OU’s School of Physical Sciences, the project is part of the national SPRINT programme, which allows the Scotch Whisky Research Institute access to funded expertise and technology in the Space Instrumentation Discipline at the OU.

20th May 2019

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