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Day 153, Year of #Mygration: OU Brexit Hub

Today we look at The Open University's work on Brexit, as part of the OU’s unique mission to make free learning materials for a global audience. Dr Peter Wood introduces the OU’s Brexiting Hub

3rd August 2018
Geography Matters Logo

Day 152, Year of #Mygration: Geography Matters – A Collection

Today we are celebrating The Open University’s Geography Matters series on OpenLearn. It was designed as a learning resource to promote the diverse and innovative mix of research being undertaken by the university’s geographers

2nd August 2018
Refugees from Iraq arriving in Kos

Day 151, Year of #Mygration: Government gives ‘misleading’ advice to High Court on Unaccompanied Children from Calais 

A High Court ruling has stated that the Home Office had given it misleading information, resulting in the claims of over 500 unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the UK being rejected. Dr Naomi Holford which considers the impacts faced by children caught in the crisis

1st August 2018
Artist's view of ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. ESA - D. Ducros

OU research grant to identify potential signs of life on Mars

An OU academic has received £321,000 from the UK Space Agency, Aurora scheme to identify potential signs of life on Mars.

31st July 2018
Dr Mutwarasibo outside Buckingham Palace

Day 150, Year of #Mygration: Migrants as Agents for Change - Cosmopolitanism

In the final post for July, Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo explores the idea of 'the migrant as an agent who influences structural issues and how this impacts on their integration'

31st July 2018
Shutterstock-1104589709 Mars

New research grant to investigate water on Mars

An OU researcher has been awarded £331,000 from the UK Space Agency Aurora Scheme to investigate whether the discovery of water and iron elements on Mars makes it a habitable environment.

30th July 2018

Day 149, Year of #Mygration: Does Diversity Impact Negatively on Social Capital?

Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo from The Open University draws on the work of political scientist Robert Putnam to develop ideas he shared in a previous blog post, relating to social capital

30th July 2018
Photo from Tate Exchange 2018

Day 148, Year of #Mygration: Performing Citizenship with Dr Agnes Czajka

Dr Agnes Czajka explores what performing citizenship means, and inquires into how theories and methodologies of performativity can contribute to re-interpreting citizenship as an effective way of being, rather than a static, formal status

27th July 2018
A protest outside Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre in 2015. Darren Johnson/, CC BY-NC-ND

Three days is still too long to hold pregnant women in immigration detention

It’s been two years since a coalition of lobbying groups in the UK successfully challenged Home Office policy on the immigration detention of pregnant women. Under the new policy, enforced in mid-July 2016, pregnant women can now only be detained for a maximum of 72 hours (three days), or up to one week with the agreement of a minister.

26th July 2018

Day 147, Year of #Mygration: Non-Citizens and Others with Dr Tendayi Bloom

In this podcast, Dr Tendayi Bloom interrogates citizenship from the margins, by tracing the exclusionary features of citizenship based on nationality, class, ‘race’, gender and sexuality. She also asks whether citizenship can be rethought to be inclusive

26th July 2018

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