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Day 220, Year of #Mygration: Migration 2018 - What's currently happening?

In today’s post, we delve into statistics on people risking their lives to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. The data compiled by the International Organization for Migration is accessible on the OU's OpenLearn platform

7th November 2018
Dr Umut Erel

Day 219, Year of #Mygration: How time and place matter for migrants’ social mobility

In today’s post, Dr Umut Erel, a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, explores how migrants’ cultural, social and economic resources impact on their settlement in the countries of destination

6th November 2018
Festival of Social Science logo

Day 218, Year of #Mygration: Who is a Migrant? Experience the realities

Join us tomorrow for a workshop as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science in Belfast. Organised by Dr Gunjan Sondhi from the OU, the event will give participants an opportunity to address some of the misconceptions about immigration

5th November 2018
Image of a black and white eye, painted

Day 217, Year of #Mygration: Who are we? Art, migration and democracy

Join The Open University next week in Belfast for a Learning Lab focusing on the theme 'Who are We?'. The Learning Lab will draw on the collaborative work between the OU and Counterpoints Arts as part of Tate Exchange

2nd November 2018
Photo of young boy reading the wall of hateful headlines at the Migration Museum in London (c) Heidi McCafferty

Day 216, Year of #Mygration: Mum and Dad, I want to be normal

In today's post, Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo, a Visiting Research Fellow in The Open University's Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, explores the experiences of migrant children who have resettled in new societies and the notion of feeling 'normal'

1st November 2018
Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop: a classicist’s take on the ‘power’ of ancient remedies

Lifestyle company Goop – founded and run by actor and businessperson Gwyneth Paltrow – was fined US$145,000 (£112,000) for making unscientific claims about products on its website: specifically, that its jade and rose quartz eggs, intended to be inserted vaginally, could help to balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles.

1st November 2018
Bicycle basket full of fruit and vegetables

Vegans: why they inspire fear and loathing among meat eaters

Food critic William Sitwell has resigned as editor of Waitrose’s in-house magazine following a row over his astonishingly hostile response to a freelance journalist who proposed a series of articles on veganism.

1st November 2018
Woman testing an African man for HIV

New research into how Kenyan communities view medical male circumcision

Academics at The Open University (OU) have received a research grant from the Wellcome Trust to research how Kenyan communities view medical male circumcision.

1st November 2018
Image of Europe from Space

OU renews partnership to develop imaging technology for space

The Open University (OU)’s Centre for Electronic Imaging (CEI) and innovative technology company Teledyne e2v have just agreed a new five-year partnership to advance imaging detector technology for space science and earth observations.

31st October 2018
Robert Mpiira, BRAC International’s Country Research Coordinator in Uganda

Day 215, Year of #Mygration: The Role of Refugees in Development Management: Are Refugees a Burden or a Blessing? A View From Uganda

Today’s post comes from Robert Mpiira, BRAC International’s Country Research Coordinator in Uganda, and current Commonwealth Scholarship student studying for an MSc in Development Management with The Open University

31st October 2018

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