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Waving the Welsh Flat

Enabling marginalised communities to build identity through culture

A research project supporting participants from marginalised communities in South Wales to explore heritage and identity through the creative arts has just received funding.

27th February 2020
The Earth currently has two moons - but they won’t look like this in the sky. Author provided

Earth’s got a new ‘moon’ – here’s what to expect

The Minor Planet Centre has just announced that the Earth has been orbited by a second moon for the past three years or so. But while excitement about the discovery is growing, it is important to keep in mind that this moon isn’t as impressive as our main satellite.

27th February 2020
Katherine Johnson. NASA/Bob Nye

Katherine Johnson: NASA mathematician and much-needed role model

Katherine Johnson, who has died at the age of 101, was an amazing woman. But up until a few years ago, hardly anyone had heard of her or her achievements.

26th February 2020
Girl with special needs

Pupils in UK special schools “treated differently”

Research by an OU academic claims that there are no national progress routes for children with severe or profound intellectual disabilities following the recent withdrawal of standardised assessments.

26th February 2020
Artist’s impression of Mars InSight. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars quakes: The InSight lander shows active faults in the planet's crust

Most space missions investigate the surface or atmosphere of a body. But NASA’s InSight probe, which landed on Mars in November 2018, is different – it is the first mission dedicated to studying the interior structure of the planet and whether it gives rise to “marsquakes”.

25th February 2020
Man loading bin into rubbish truck

OU environmental researcher warns of danger of sleeping in bins

An OU academic is the author of a report released this week (Monday 24 February) which reveals statistics about the number of people who put their lives at risk through sleeping in bins.

20th February 2020
Young people using laptops

Launch of 25 Years of Ed Tech

A book which traces trends over the past 25 years of educational technology by an OU academic and blogger on the future of education comes out this month (February 2020).

20th February 2020
Downing Street

As Rishi Sunak becomes UK chancellor, a history of battles between No 10 and 11 Downing Street

The head that rolled most noisily in Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle was Sajid Javid.

18th February 2020
Arrokoth. Quapan/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Why the most distant object ever visited looks like a snowman – flyby delivers results

Just over a year ago, courtesy of NASA’s New Horizons mission, we were treated to images of 2014MU69, a small object 6.6 billion kilometers from the sun – making it the most distant object to have ever been visited by a spacecraft.

18th February 2020
Students with their thumbs up

OU ranked fifth for research student satisfaction

The OU has been ranked fifth out of 103 higher education institutions for overall postgraduate research student satisfaction in the national survey of research students.

5th February 2020

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