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Poster for Black Panther 2018

Day 136, Year of #Mygration: Journeys in Afrofuturism

Open University PhD student, Daniel Haslam, from the OU's Faculty of Business and Law, introduces us to the art term 'Afrofuturism', and highlights a podcast he recently listened to that impacted his understanding

11th July 2018
COMPAS Oxford Logo

Day 135, Year of #Mygration: Knowledge Brokers in Migrant Third Sector Organisations

The Open University and Oxford University are working in collaboration to hold a free interactive workshop to address the brokering role of refugee and migrant front-line staff in the migration third sector

10th July 2018

Day 134, Year of #Mygration: Celebrating the Greek Orthodox Community of Milton Keynes

As we continue to use our Year of Mygration to celebrate the diversity of Milton Keynes, home of The Open University, Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo from the OU attended a Festival organised by the Greek Orthodox Community of Milton Keynes yesterday

9th July 2018
Organisational logos

Day 133, Year of #Mygration: Groundbreaking OU project to tackle hate & extremism

Dr Peter Bloom, Head of the Department for People and Organisations at the OU is heading up a groundbreaking new project designed to combat extremism among young people, funded by Google and the London-based thinktank the Institute of Strategic Dialogue

6th July 2018
African Diaspora Day photo from promotional poster

Day 132, Year of #Mygration: African Diaspora Day in Milton Keynes

As we continue to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of Milton Keynes, home of The Open University, today we bring you details of African Diaspora Day, organised by the Global Outreach Foundation tomorrow and Saturday

5th July 2018
Torah scrolls on show

Day 131, Year of #Mygration: Open Day at Milton Keynes & District Reform Synagogue

To mark their 40th anniversary, Milton Keynes Synagogue organised an open day for members of the community last weekend, including those representing other faiths and other Milton Keynes residents. Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo attended on behalf of the OU

4th July 2018
Sunita Signh Sengupta and Emma Bell

OU research to collaborate with India on empowering methodologies

OU researchers have received a grant to define and develop the concept of ‘empowering methodologies’ in the postcolonial, globalised context of India.

3rd July 2018
Parade of colours

Day 130, Year of #Mygration: Islamic Art in the Park and Parade of Colours at Willen Lake

The Open University was proud to support Milton Keynes Islamic Arts, Heritage and Culture while they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Art in the Park Festival, at Willen Lake last weekend.

3rd July 2018
Artist’s impression of the interstellar object. ESO/M. Kornmesser, CC BY

Comet or asteroid? Mysterious ‘Oumuamua shows why we may need a new classification system

Ever since space scientists first spotted the odd, cigar-shaped object known as 1I/‘Oumuamua in the sky, they have been debating what it is exactly. Suggestions have included an asteroid, a comet and even alien spaceship.

2nd July 2018
Eniola Aluko is a key player in the England national team. EPA/Stefan Jerrevang

World Cup: sexism in British punditry is clear for all to see

For the first time in UK football punditry, both the BBC and ITV have hired women to offer analysis and commentate at the men’s World Cup. It is also the World Cup that has given a clear glimpse into the reality of everyday sexism.

2nd July 2018

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