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Dr Ben Mestel

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  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Mathematics & Statistics
  • ben.mestel


Low Carbon Futures: confronting electricity challenges on island systems (2019-10)
Matthew, George; Nuttall, William; Mestel, Benjamin and Dooley, Laurence
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Using STACK to support student learning at masters level: a case study (2019)
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Logistic model for stock market bubbles and anti-bubbles (2017-08-03)
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Optimal battery charge/discharge strategies for prosumers and suppliers (2017-08)
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Perceptions of Online Tutorials for Distance Learning in Mathematics and Computing (2016-07-22)
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Growth of the Sudler product of sines at the golden rotation number (2016-01-01)
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Master’s students’ perceptions of Microsoft Word for mathematical typesetting (2015-06)
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In : 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management (24-26 Feb 2016, Singapore) (pp. 107-119)
Insights into the Thermal Generation Futures of Isolated Island Electricity Systems Using System Dynamics (2015-08)
Matthew, George Jr. S.; Nuttall, William; Mestel, Ben and Dooley, Laurence
In : Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (19-23 Jul 2015, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Electronic marking of mathematics assignments using Microsoft Word 2007 (2008-07)
Lowe, Tim; Mestel, Ben and Arrowsmith, Gaynor
In : 12th International CAA Conference: Research into e-Assessment (8-9 Jul 2008, Loughborough University, UK)