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TERF Wars: Introduction (2020-07-01)
Pearce, Ruth; Erikainen, Sonja and Vincent, Ben
The Sociological Review, 68(4) (pp. 677-698)

Afterword: TERF Wars in the time of COVID-19 (2020-07-01)
Pearce, Ruth; Erikainen, Sonja and Vincent, Ben
The Sociological Review, 68(4) (pp. 882-888)

Gender, love, and sex: Using duoethnography to research gender and sexuality minority experiences of transgender relationships (2020)
Vincent, Ben and Erikainen, Sonja
Sexualities, 23(1-2) (pp. 28-43)

Specific detriment: barriers and opportunities for non-binary inclusive sports in Scotland (2020)
Erikainen, Sonja; Vincent, Ben and Hopkins, Al
Journal of Sport & Social Issues ((Early Access))

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Transgender Adults in Relation to Education, Ethnicity, and Income: A Systematic Review (2019-10-16)
Adams, Noah J. and Vincent, Ben
Transgender Health, 4(1) (pp. 226-246)

Breaking down barriers and binaries in trans healthcare: the validation of non-binary people (2019-03-01)
Vincent, Ben
International Journal of Transgenderism, 20(2-3) (pp. 132-137)

Studying trans: recommendations for ethical recruitment and collaboration with transgender participants in academic research (2018)
Vincent, Benjamin William
Psychology & Sexuality, 9(2) (pp. 102-116)

I am your trans patient (2017)
Lewis, Emma-Ben; Vincent, Ben; Brett, Alex; Gibson, Sarah and Walsh, Reubs J
BMJ Open

Non-Binary Genders: Navigating Communities, Identities, and Healthcare (2020-07-02)
Vincent, Ben
ISBN : 978-1447351924 | Publisher : Policy Press | Published : Bristol

Transgender Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Trans Patient Care (2018)
Vincent, Ben
ISBN : 978 1 78592 201 5 | Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers | Published : London

TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures (2020-08-10)
Vincent, Ben; Erikainen, Sonja and Pearce, Ruth eds.
The Sociological Review Monograph Series
ISBN : 9781529742909 | Publisher : Sage | Published : London