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Dr Carl Boardman

Dr Carl P Boardman

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • carl.boardman

Professional biography

Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Sciences at The Open University; researching the environmental impact of waste management processes and end-of-life materials. Background in biogeochemistry (PhD) with expertise in carbon cycling and natural ecosystems. I teach on the MSc in Environmental Management (F65) qualification and undertake the Post Graduate Research Tutor role (PhD administration) for the School of Engineering and Innovation.

I am a member of the Integrated Waste Systems (IWS) research group at The Open University, which aims to  promote sustainable ways to manage waste and resources through a better understanding of analytical and social sciences in the area;


I am a multidisciplinary scientist therefore my research activities span a number of disciplines and additional research groups at the OU. I am affiliated with the Smart Materials research group and Materials Engineering research group;


Research interests

Current research interests and activities include:

  1. The quantification and breakdown of plastic materials within natural and managed environments;
  2. Greenhouse emissions from waste management processes;
  3. The use of satellites for earth observation

Current PhD students:

  1. Ahmed Nawaz - Microbiology degradation of plastics in aquatic environments.
  2. Nara Davaasuren - Monitoring pollution in the worlds oceans using satellites.
  3. Javier Ruiz-Ramos - Monitoring deforestation worldwide using radar satellite data.
  4. Alice Fraser-McDonald - Landfill site trees: Potential source of sink of greenhouse gases?

Contract research and consultancy

Biodegradability testing

  • Aerobic - Dynamic respiration tests (DR4); biodegradability plastic testing (EN 13432); PAS100 stability test; real-world simulations - terrestrial soils and aquatic environments.
  • Anaerobic - Biochemical and residual methane potential test (BMc - RBP); real-world simulations, e.g. anoxic soils, landfill simulations and oceanic sedmiments. 

Teaching interests

Managing for Environmental Sustainability (Chair - 2016 onwards)

This modules increases students understanding of delivering and supporting sustainability management. It takes a multidisciplinary perspective on resources, sustainability and health and safety management, through a greater understanding of strategy, policy, data collection and knowledge management.

Environmental Monitoring and Protection (support role when required)

This module teaches different environmental monitoring techniques for water, noise, air, and wastes; how to model and interpret the impacts of pollutants; and the techniques available to eliminate the pollutants.

Impact and engagement


2015 - Technology advisory board on biodegradability standards (single-use carrier bag levy).



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