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Dr Emanuele Bastianelli

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Research Associate (Urban Data Mining)
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Knowledge Media Institute
  • emanuele.bastianelli


Towards the Temporal Streaming of Graph Data on Distributed Ledgers (2017-11-08)
Third, Allan; Tiddi, Ilaria; Bastianelli, Emanuele; Valentine, Chris and Domingue, John
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10577 (pp. 327-332)
An ontology-based approach to improve the accessibility of ROS-based robotic systems (2017)
Tiddi, Ilaria; Bastianelli, Emanuele; Bardaro, Gianluca; d'Aquin, Mathieu and Motta, Enrico
In : The 9th International Conference on Knowledge Capture (4-6 Dec 2017, Austin, TX, USA) (pp. 1-8)
DKA-robo: dynamically updating time-invalid knowledge bases using robots (2016)
Tiddi, Ilaria; Bastianelli, Emanuele; Daga, Enrico and d'Aquin, Mathieu
In : 20th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW2016) (19-23 Nov 2016, Bologna, Italy)
Update of time-invalid information in Knowledge Bases through Mobile Agents (2016)
Tiddi, Ilaria; Daga, Enrico; Bastianelli, Emanuele and d'Aquin, Mathieu
In : Integrating Multiple Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Techniques in Robotics (MIRROR-16) (10 Oct 2016, Deajeon, South Korea)