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Dr Fiona Doloughan

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Profile summary

Professional biography

I have an academic background that covers a number of fields and disciplines: European Studies; Education; and English & Creative Writing. My academic home is in Comparative Literature and my PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA looked at concepts of realism in the 19th and 20th century French and English novels; I also have a Masters in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading. Prior to joining the Open University, I taught Creative Writing for several years in the newly established Department of English at the University of Surrey. Since joining the Open University in May 2011, I have occupied a number of roles, including a brief stint as Head of Department (2015-7).

Research interests

My research revolves around the development of the novel and on the forces (societal, cultural, technological, linguistic) shaping that development. My first monograph, Contemporary Narrative: textual production, multimodality and multiliteracies (Continuum, 2011) focussed on identifying and illustrating through a case study approach some key trends and issues in a range of 20th and early 21st century narratives through the dual lens of multimodality and multiliteracies. It treated storytelling across modes and media as well as examining the kinds of stories told by writers with access to more than one language and culture.

My second monograph, English as a Literature in Translation (Bloomsbury, 2016) picked up in effect where the first one left off, focussing on ‘narratives of translation’, that is to say narrative works produced by writers with access to more than one language and culture where issues of translation (in multiple senses) are thematised in and contribute to their creative practice.

I am currently embarked on a new project that will look at fictional autobiography, memoir and autofiction in English and European literature. 

I am a member of two Research Groups within the Department of English & Creative Writing, namely Contemporary Cultures of Writing and the Postcolonial and Global Literatures Research Groups.



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Fiona Doloughan (2015), “The Construction of Space in Contemporary Narrative: A Case Study”. In Journal of Narrative Theory 45:1 (Winter 2015), pp. 1-17.


I have supervised three PhD students to completion and am currently co-supervising with Delia da Sousa Correa another student, Monika Sobotta who is working on the reception of Katherine Mansfield in Germany.

I am willing to supervise students with research interests in contemporary fiction; the evolution of the novel form; and more generally in the areas of narrative production, creativity, and translation.


Teaching interests

I have written teaching materials for modules in English Literature (chapters on Synge and Winterson for A335, Literature in Transition: 1800 to the present) and English language (a chapter on “Narratives of Translation and Processes of Adaptation” for E302, Language and Creativity). I will be writing teaching material for our new level 2 module, A233, The Novel and Beyond (first presentation 2019J).

I am currently on the module team of A105, Voices, Texts and Material Culture; A215, Creative Writing; and A335, Literature in Transition: 1800 to the present.

Impact and engagement

My interest in and commitment to European Literature, including literature in translation, has led to involvement in literature events including chairing a number of panels at the British Library in connection with European Literature Night.

Most recently, I chaired a panel at the first Milton Keynes Literature Festival (September 22-26, 2017) on “Literature in Translation: Peirene Press in Conversation” with publisher and writer Mieke Ziervogel, German author Kerstin Hensel and translator Jen Calleja.

I have given a number of talks on aspects of my research most recently at University of Birmingham (November 2016) and Northampton (April 2017).



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