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Dr Ivan John Horrocks

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Technology Management
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • ivan.horrocks

Professional biography

Ivan is Senior Lecturer in Technology Management and Qualification Director for the Postgraduate Programme in Technology Management.

Previous posts:

Associate Dean and Director of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Technology, The Open University (2003-05)

Lecturer in Technology Management, The Open University (2001-06).

Lecturer in Security Management, The Scarman Centre, University of Leicester (1998-01).

Research Fellow, Programme for the Study of Telematics and Governance, Nottingham Trent University (1993-98).

Prior to 1993: mature student, Nottingham Trent University (BA hons. Public Administration); project and community development work in local government and the voluntary sector (Manchester, South Wales and Nottinghamshire); industry (NCB, Pirelli, British Rail) and retail (WH Smiths and Liptons).

Research interests

Public policy and practice relating to any form of e-government and digital democracy or technology more generally.

Teaching interests

Ivan’s current teaching centres on chairing the Masters module, Strategic Capabilities for Technological Innovation, (T849) which he previously chaired through production and was a major author of. He has previously authored the following teaching material:

Technology, Innovation and Management (2012) with Steve Walker, T848: Managing Technological Innovation.

A short history of the Development and Evaluation of E-government (2009), University of Leicester, Masters in Media and Communication.

IT Leadership and Professional Skills Development (2009), for TM892: The Certificate in IT Professional Practice, The Open University.

Evaluating and Assessing Technology (2007), T887: Technology Evaluation, The Open University, Technology Management Programme.

Power, Politics and Technology Strategy (2004), T846: Technology Strategy, The Open University, Technology Management Programme.

External collaborations

2010-2012 Principal Investigator (lead of an OU team), Work Package 7 (impact evaluation), E-government for You (EGOV4U), an EC funded project aimed at using IT to tackle social exclusion. Partners: Cities of Dublin, Reykjavik, Rijeka and Milton Keynes and the Maltese Local Government Association,

1998-2003 Founding member of the European Commission’s Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) A14 Governance and Democracy in the Information Age (GaDIA) programme and convener of the specialist working group on cyber democracy.

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Technology Management Research GroupGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


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