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Dr Irina Tatarenko

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  • Research Staff
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  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences
  • irina.tatarenko


Biological Flora of the British Isles: Neottia cordata (2018-01)
Kotilínek, Milan; Tatarenko, Irina and Jersáková, Jana
Journal of Ecology, 106(1) (pp. 444-460)
Characterization of a Highly Biodiverse Floodplain Meadow Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing within a Plant Functional Trait Framework (2016-02-28)
Punalekar, Survarna; Verhoef, Anne; Tatarenko, Irina V.; van der Tol, Christiaan; Macdonald, David M.J.; Marchant, Benjamin; Gerard, France; White, Kevin and Gowing, David
Remote Sensing, 8(2) (p 112)
Two widespread green Neottia species (Orchidaceae) show mycorrhizal preference for Sebacinales in various habitats and ontogenetic stages (2015-03)
Těšitelová, Tamara; Kotilínek, Milan; Jersáková, Jana; Joly, François-Xavier; Košnar, Jiří; Tatarenko, Irina and Selosse, Marc-André
Molecular Ecology, 24(5) (pp. 1122-1134)
Гнездовка обыкновенная Neottia nidus-avis (2003)
Vakhrameeva, M. G.; Tatarenko, I. V.; Zhirnova, T. V.; Varlygina, T. I. and Timchenko, I. A.
Biological Flora of Moscow Province, 15 (pp. 43-55)
Атлас побегово-корневых модулей орхидных России и Японии [Atlas of root-stem modules of orchids from Russia and Japan] (2015-01)
Tatarenko, Irina
ISBN : 978-5-905742-77-4 | Publisher : Moderat | Published : Moscow
Орхидные России : (биология, экология и охрана) [Orchids of Russia : (biology, ecology and protection)] (2014-11)
Vakhrameeva, M. G.; Varlygina, T. I. and Tatarenko, I. V.
ISBN : 978-5-87317-997-8 | Publisher : Tovarischestvo nauchnikh izdaniy KMK | Published : Moscow
Orchids of Russia and Adjacent Countries (2008)
Vakhrameeva, M.G.; Tatarenko, I. V.; Varlygina, T.I.; Totosyan, G.K. and Zagulskii, M.N.
ISBN : 9783906166612 | Publisher : A.R.G. Gantner Verlag K.G.
A list of orchid books (2009-01-21)
Yam, Tim Wing; Singer, Benjamin; Hew, Choy Sin; Kull, Tiiu; Tatarenko, Irina and Arditti, Joseph
In: Kull, Tiiu; Arditti, Joseph and Wong, Sek Man eds. Orchid Biology (pp. 279-424)
ISBN : 978-1-4020-8802-5 | Publisher : Springer.
Time from pollination to fruit ripening, seed maturation, and germination (2007-12-04)
Yam, Tim Wing; Ghani, Abdul Karim Abdul; Ichihashi, Syoichi; Thame, Aung; Rao, Adisheshappa Nagaraja; Avadhani, Popuri Nageswara; Nair, Helen; Hew, Chou Sin; Arditti, Joseph and Tatarenko, Irina
In: Cameron, Kenneth M.; Arditti, Joseph and Kull, Tiiu eds. Orchid Biology: reviews and perspectives. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden (95) (pp. 433-506)
ISBN : 978-0-89327-475-7 | Publisher : New York Botanical Garden Press
Bryophytes, lichens and cyanoprocaryotes in surroundings of Pyramiden (Svalbard): a concise guide-book (2015-08-04)
Dodd, Michael; Tatarenko, Irina and Koroleva, Natalia eds.
ISBN : 978-5-905048-89-0 | Publisher : Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute | Published : Apatity, Murmansk
Botanical Excursions on the Northern Soroya (Finnmark, Norway) (2013)
Dodd, M.; Tatarenko, I.; Sortland, A. and Tatarenko, E. eds.
ISBN : 978-82-93396-01-7 | Publisher : Hammerfest Kommune, Grafica AS | Published : Hammerfest
Restoration success of British floodplain meadows (2018)
Rothero, Emma and Tatarenko, Irina
In : Ecosystem and Habitat Management: Research, Policy, Practice (27-28 Mar 2018, University of Worcester) (pp. 139-148)
Re-assemblage of plant communities: a survey of floodplain meadow restoration projects in the UK (2018)
Tatarenko, Irina; Rothero, Emma and Wallace, Hilary
In : Proceedings of the II international conference "Systematic and floristic studies in Northern Eurasia" (on the 90th anniversary of Prof. A. G. Elenevsky) (5-8 Dec 2018, Moscow, Russia)