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Dr John Slight

Profile summary

  • Lecturer in Imperial and Global History
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Arts & Humanities
  • History
  • john.slight

Professional biography

I took my BA degree in History from the University of Cambridge. I continued at Cambridge for my MPhil and PhD, under the supervision of Professor Tim Harper. A few months before I submitted my PhD, I began work as an AHRC-funded Research Consultant on Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam, a major exhibition at The British Museum which attracted c.140,000 visitors in 2012. I was elected to a Research Fellowship at St. John's College Cambridge, and while there also taught at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Cambridge Muslim College, and the University of Essex.

My first book, The British Empire and the Hajj 1865-1956 (Harvard University Press, 2015) was awarded the triennial Trevor Reese Memorial Prize in 2017 by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London, for the most 'wide-ranging, innovative and scholarly work in imperial history'

Research interests

My main research interests are the British empire in the Middle East, Arabia and the greater Middle East during the First World War, and the relationship between British imperialism and Islamic religious practices, from the nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries.

My future projects include British imperial policies and the expansion of Islam, British maritime imperialism in the Red Sea, and British military bases in the Middle East.

Teaching interests

Imperial, transnational and world history from c.1400, with a particular interest in the history of empires. 

Impact and engagement

My PhD research informed my work as a Research Consultant on the British Museum's major exhibition on the Hajj.

I have delivered seminars on the British Empire and Islam to the Prince's Trust Summer School and Sutton Trust Summer School at Cambridge.

I delivered a presentation on Jihad and the Caliphate to the Home Office.

External collaborations

Affiliated Researcher, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge


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