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Dr Kevin Collins

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • kevin.collins

Professional biography

I am a senior lecturer in Environment & Systems and have a BSc in Geography & Environment and a PhD in Sustainable Development from the University of London (UCL).  Since joining the OU in 2001 as a research post-doc, I have focussed on systems concepts and practices and ideas of social learning for improving environmental situations.

As well as involvement in a range of international and national research projects, I also contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on environmental management; systems; and research modules.

Research interests

My research and scholarship explores the dyanmic relationships between a society and its environment.  I use theories of social learning and systems ideas to design social learning systems for transforming.  Much of my work is action research, involving policy-makers, stakeholders and practitioners in many different governance contexts and scales from catchments to national and international policy and practice.  A central theme is the managing and governance of water.  

Current projects include :

CADWAGO - Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance
DRIVER - Drought impacts: vulnerability thresholds in monitoring and early-warning research  (funded by the Belmont Forum's Freshwater Security Theme)
I am also working with DEFRA/Environment Agency on social learning approaches for catchment based approaches and River Basin Planning under the Water Framework Directive.  

Recent initiatives and projects also include:

I am interested in supervising PhDs in the following areas:
  • social learning
  • systems thinking and practice
  • environmental and water resource managing
  • natural resource managing and governance.

Teaching interests

My teaching includes contributions and teaching on variety of modules centred on environmental managing and systems approaches.

Undergraduate: I am co-author of T219 Environmental Management 1 and Environmental Management II

Postgraduate:  T802 Research Project;  TU812 Managing Systemic Change; TD866 Environmental Responsibility, T863 Environmental Decision Making: A Systems Approach

I am also a co-author of a Guide to Systems Diagramming

I currently chair two modules: T219 Environmental Management 1 and T802 Research Project


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