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Dr Matthew Haigh

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Professional biography

Matthew is Senior Lecturer in the Department for Accounting and Finance, where he teaches financial management. Before joining the Open University, Matthew held Associate Professorships in Singapore, Malaysia and Denmark. He has also taught in France, the Netherlands and Australia.

Research interests

labour mobility, cultural industries, business communications, environmental planning

Teaching interests

Impact and engagement

Founding editor, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment (Routledge)


Cultural tourism policy in developing regions: the case of Sarawak, Malaysia (2020-12)
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Jones, Marc T. and Haigh, Matthew
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ISBN : 9781783531868 | Publisher : Greenleaf | Published : Leeds

Challenges in responsible investment research (2015)
Haigh, Matthew
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Haigh, Matthew
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Disclosing climate risk to investors: Is corporate reporting giving investors what they need? (2012)
Haigh, Matthew and Guthrie, Lois
In: Jackson, Felicia ed. Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure: An Executive Guide to Monitoring and Disclosing Climate Risk (pp. 37-42)
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Activism in European Pension Funds: Exerting Pressure on Intermediaries (2011)
de Graaf, Frank Jan and Haigh, Matthew
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What Counts in Social Managed Investments: Evidence from an International Survey (2007)
Haigh, Matthew
In: Lehman, Cheryl R. ed. Envisioning a New Accountability. Advances in Public Interest Accounting (pp. 35-62)
ISBN : 978-0-7623-1462-1 | Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing Limited