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Professor Martin James Weller

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Professor of Educational Technology
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • LTIA
  • Institute of Educational Technology Academic
  • martin.weller

Professional biography

I joined the OU in 1995, as a Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence. I have pioneered much of the elearning shoft at the OU since that time. I chaired the OU's first major elearning course, T171, in 1999 with nearly 15,000 students. This involved a number of strategic shifts in the OU to make in an online provider. I was the first director of the VLE, recommending the adoptoon of Moodle. I am currently academic director for the Learning Design project and also Director of the OER Hub

My research area is in open education and  digital scholarship - I blog about this, and have authored two books, The Digital Scholar and the Battle for Open (both available under open licence). 

I'm a regular and reasonably well known blogger at


Research interests

Most of my research falls under the open education including open educational practices, impact of Open educational resources (OERs), MOOCs, etc. I have a long interest in digital scholarship and the impact of new technologies on scholarly practice.

I'm a co-editor of JIME journal

I am the Director of the OER Hub, leading on projects such as GO-GN, UK OpenTextbooks, OER Research Hub, and bizMOOC.

I've published quite a few papers and three books, so if you're interested, see the publications page.

Teaching interests

I am an author on two courses in the MAODE - H817, where my block focuses on open education, which anyone can access, and H818, the project based course.

I chaired the Masters course H806 Learning in the Connected Economy. This was the first, and as it turned out last, course to be launched by the UK e-University. It was the first OU course to be developed purely as learning objects. I joined IET in 2002, but prior to that I worked in the Faculty of Technology at the OU. My main work there was on the course T171, You, your computer and the Net, which with nearly 15,000 online students in 1999 pre-dated the MOOC phenomenon by 12 years. 

I am the Academic Director of the Learning Design project which provides a uniform method and representation for course design across the university.

Research Activity

Externally funded projects

Sustainability path for OER Research Centre

RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01/Aug/201531/Jul/2016Hewlett Foundation
This proposal sets out a one-year transition plan to take forward the Open Educational Resources Research Hub (OERRH). OERRH was established to provide a focus for research on ‘What is the impact of OER on learning and teaching practices?’ and identify the particular influence of openness. The structure of the project was to work in collaboration with projects across four education sectors (K12, college, higher education and informal) to develop a network of research with shared methods and shared results. It has provided: • A targeted collaboration program with existing OER projects; • An international fellowship program; • Networking to make connections; and • A hub for research data and OER excellence in practice. The sustainability project is aimed at drawing value of this work and transition to a portfolio approach that is aligned with the strategy for research in openness from the Hewlett Foundation and other funders. It is intended to build on the strong identity established as OER Research Hub but with a refocus on broader ways of working as the OER Research Centre. The sustainability path will developed across two key areas. 1. Identifying and building a portfolio of relationships with funders and organisations 2. Support building capacity in OER research

Go-Gn Network

RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01/Mar/201531/Jan/2016The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
GO-GN is a global network connecting PhD researchers (and their supervisors) in OER and - broader - Opening up Education. GO-GN provides various services, mostly online, for better support and quality of the PhD studies and for significant interaction. Prominent are the GO-GN Seminars, linked to relevant global events and offering a full week’s learning experience primarily for the PhD members through in-depth discussion of their research plans and work. This proposal requests funding for: (A) the 2015 Seminar in April as a continuation of the earlier Grant 2013-8942; and (B) a specific GO-GN PhD study on ‘Impact of International Organizations on Governmental OER Policies’. This work aligns with the Education Program’s overall goal of achieving a robust OER infrastructure.


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