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Dr Negar Vakilifard

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences
  • negar.vakilifard

Professional biography

I completed my PhD in Civil-Environmental Engineering at Murdoch University, Australia. My research was focused on developing a mathematical optimisation framework for operational scheduling and strategic planning of an urban water supply system driven by hybrid energy sources. I joined The OU as a postdoc (early 2019) to work on a climate change project, funded by Leverhulme Trust and led by the University of Sheffield. The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of negative emission technologies and specifically Enhanced Weathering (EW) on climate change mitigation. 


Research interests

As a member of LC3M group, my research currently is to quantitatively examine the impacts of various policy scenarios in different regions on the demand for negative emissions at a global scale. I also plan to evaluate the effects of EW-related policy measures on land-use and agricultural practices using an Integrated Assessment Model.

Other research areas of my interest include:

  • Water and energy nexus in urban environment
  • Desalination technologies driven by renewable and hybrid energy sources
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Simulation and deterministic optimisation techniques 


An interactive planning model for sustainable urban water and energy supply (2019-02-01)
Vakilifard, Negar; A. Bahri, Parisa; Anda, Martin and Ho, Goen
Applied Energy, 235 (pp. 332-345)
A two-level decision making approach for optimal integrated urban water and energy management (2018-07-15)
Vakilifard, Negar; A. Bahri, Parisa; Anda, Martin and Ho, Goen
Energy, 155 (pp. 408-425)
The role of water-energy nexus in optimising water supply systems – Review of techniques and approaches (2018-02-01)
Vakilifard, Negar; Anda, Martin; A. Bahri, Parisa and Ho, Goen
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 82(Part 1) (pp. 1424-1432)