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Dr Rebecca Mather

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Life, Health & Chemical Sciences
  • rebecca.mather

Professional biography

2012 BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, University of Portsmouth
2016, PhD, Deacetylation of GD3A as a potential therapeutic strategy for paediatric medulloblastoma, University of Portsmouth

2016- Post Doctoral Research Associate, The Open University 

2015 Best paediatric poster oral, Society for Neuro-oncology (SNO) Meeting San Antonio 
2011 Wellcome Trust Scholarship 

Research interests

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). LncRNAs represent the largest family of transcripts in the human genome. Despite their abundance the lncRNAs remain largely functionally uncharacterised. My main research focus is the role of lncRNAs (lncRNAs) in prostate cancer progression. In particular, we have discovered NEAR1, a lncRNA expressed in neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC). We are currently developing therapeutic strategies to target NEAR1, as well as exploring its use as a possible non-invasive biomarker. 

Primary brain tumours. Paediatric medulloblastoma is the most common maligant brain tumour of childhood. Survival from this tumour (where possible) often leaves patients requiring life-long care. Reducing treatment toxicity by altering ganglioside metabolism was the focus of my doctoral studies.

Secondary brain tumours. We currently also work on lncRNAs involved in poor prognosis breast cancers, specifically functionally characterising lncRNAs involved in metastasis to the brain. Our aim is to exploit these lncRNAs for therapeutic benefit. 

Teaching interests

Post-graduate student supervision.
Naiara Juan Larrea (Erasmus+ MSc)

Impact and engagement

In collaboration with the BC Cancer Agency, and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) we are currently developing new therapeutic and diagnostic tools for prostate cancer. These new technologies are based on the discovery and characterisation of previously unknown long non-coding RNAs. 


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In : 3rd International Cancer Symposium (25-27 Sep 2017, Lyon, France)