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Mr Simone Cogliati

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • Research Student
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences
  • simone.cogliati

Professional biography

Project title: Tracking excess argon as a proxy for degassing of active volcanic systems 

I am currently studying the behaviour of noble gases (He, Ne, Ar) in volcanic systems. Using a multidisciplinary approach to study volcanic materials, I aim to understand witch factors control noble gases incorporation and release during degassing events. The results of the study will be used to better comprehend the evolution of active volcanic systems.

With my research I also want to investigate the behaviour of 40Ar in volcanic glass in the context of the ‘excess Ar’ problem. This will help to improve and refine the quality of Ar-Ar ages when young volcanic materials are dated.

Samples from 0 to 1 Ma are used to study rocks with different proportion of radiogenic and excess 40Ar. A variety of materials (pumice, ash, non-vesicular glass, crystals) and deposit types (pyroclastic fall, ignimbrites, lavas, and Pele’s hairs) from Tenerife (Spain), Etna (Italy) and Masaya (Nicaragua), will be used to test how noble gases vary in response of cooling rate (Pele’s hairs vs. lavas vs. mode of pyroclastic emplacement) and physical characteristics of the deposit (crystals vs. bubbles, rock porosity).

Petrographic, SEM, XRF, EPMA, NANO-SIMS analysis will be conducted to characterise mineral assemblages, textures and chemistry of the samples; noble gas concentration and distribution will be determined by mass spectrometry.


Research interests

Geochronology, Noble gas Mass spectrometry, Ar-Ar dating, volcanology, field work, geochemistry, stratigraphic sequence, petrology.


Impact and engagement

VMSG 2017 - Geoff Brown Prize for Best Poster Presentation  
Understanding the degassing of young volcanic systems using noble gases

Understanding the degassing of young volcanic systems using noble gases


External collaborations

At the moment I am collaborating on an external project with a team of researcher from Aberdeen University.
The aim of this project is to obtain reliable and accurate Ar-Ar ages analysing volcanic glass particles collected within interbeds of the Columbia River Basalt Group (Oregon, US).
I am also involved in the NERC funded "Volatiles consortium" whitch aim is to understand how volatiles are recycled into the mantle during Earth evolution. My field of investigation cover the role of noble gases in volatiles recycling within mantle in subduction zone. For this purpose I am studing basaltic glass collected at Mt. Etna (Italy).

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