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Dr Sergio Ioppolo

Profile summary

  • Visiting Informal Academic
  • Honorary Associate
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • sergio.ioppolo


Grain Surface Models and Data for Astrochemistry (2017-10)
Cuppen, H. M.; Walsh, C.; Lamberts, T.; Semenov, D.; Garrod, R. T.; Penteado, E. M. and Ioppolo, S.
Space Science Reviews, 212(1-2) (pp. 1-58)
THz time-domain spectroscopy of mixed CO2–CH3OH interstellar ice analogs (2016-06-07)
McGuire, Brett A.; Ioppolo, Sergio; Allodi, Marco A. and Blake, Geoffrey A.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(30) (pp. 20199-20207)