In the public sphere, leadership may be exercised by elected and appointed politicians, by professionals and public servants, and by civic activities. Each aims or claims to exercise leadership for the benefit of society, but who are they, how do they exercise leadership and are their claims about consequences accurate?

Leadership in organizations and society is nothing without effective management. Public administration provides the basis on which government and public services are designed and whether and how they deliver outputs and outcomes which add public value to society.

The stream undertakes high quality research, of relevance to policy-makers, practitioners and the public; offers research-led learning resources; and undertakes knowledge exchange events, such as the Public Leadership Perspectives events.

In the leadership area, particular themes are:

In the area of public management:

Strategic management in public services. Public strategy links citizenship, governance and organizational strategy.

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Year of Mygration

250 insights into how migration affects all of us, not just migrants.

Posted throughout 2018, 5 days a week for 50 weeks, ahead of the OU’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2019.

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