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Archive of previous events 2004-2009

Selected archive of seminars and lectures, 2004-2009

2 April 2009 - Ending violent careers: Stories from Milan and Moss Side
Speaker: Dr Phil Edwards

26 February 2009 - The Abolition of Capital Punishment in Britain: Political, Cultural and Penal Change in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Speaker: Prof Tim Newburn

13 November 2008 - 'Let it be? Researching Russia's Hidden Penal Community'
Speaker: Dr Laura Piacentini

25 April 2008 - Controlling the streets 1890-1970
Speakers included: Margo de Koster (Louvain, Belgium) and Maureen Scollan (The Open University)

17 April 2008 - Public Criminology
Speaker: Ian Loader (Oxford)

12 December 2007 - Histories of Crime and the Media

13 March 2007 - Policing Modern Hungary
Speakers: Zsuzsa Tolnai (Hungarian Police College), Mark Pittaway (The Open University)

16 February 2007 - Policing and Violence After and Between Wars
Speakers: Clive Emsley (The Open University), Stefan Nyzell (University of Malmo), Louise Jackson (University of Edinburgh), J Carter Wood (The Open University)

1 December 2006 - Moral Panics, News Media and the Law in Eighteenth Century England
Speakers: David Lemming (All Soul's College, Oxford)

20 October 2006 - Policing, Crime and Space in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Speakers: Chris Williams (The Open University), Mike Esbester (University of Reading), Colin Chant (The Open University), Maureen Scollan (The Open University)

19 October 2006 - Duelling, the Press and the Law in late Eighteenth Century England
Speaker: Donna Andres (University of Guelph, Toronto)

13 July 2006 - Community Policing and the Antisocial (ESRC funded)
Speakers included Elizabeth Burney (Cambridge) and Gordon Hughes (Cardiff)

10 April 2006- Juvenile Rescue and Reform: historical and contemporary perspectives.
Speakers included: Peter King (ICCCR), Abi Wills (Oxford), and Pam Cox (Essex)

10 February 2006 - Policing and Punishment in Inter-War Europe
Speakers included Clive Emsley (ICCCR) and Stef Slater, (Royal Holloway College)

17 January 2006 English Law and Scottish Masters
Prof Douglas Hay (Osgoode Law School, Toronto)

18 January, 2005 - Transnational Crime: Its Nature, Threats and Mitigation
Rob McCusker (Institute of Criminology, Australia)

18 June 2004 - Heritage and History of the UK Criminal Justice System
This one-day conference brought together academics and practitioners to discuss a wide variety of intellectual and policy issues pertaining to the preservation of police records and their communication to the public. The conference proceedings - Giving the Past a Future - have been published by Francis Boutle.

15 June 2004 - The Uncertain Promise of Risk
The ICCCR held the first in a series of public lectures on 15 June at the Open University's Walton Hall Campus. Prof Pat O'Malley, Canada Research Chair in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Carleton University, Ottawa, spoke on 'The Uncertain Promise of Risk', discussing different examples of policies using risk management from around the world, with a particular focus on governing the drugs problem.

4 May 2004 - Eliciting information from eyewitnesses and victims of crime
This conference was funded by the British Psychological Society.