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Homicide: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Friday, 4 December 2009, 10:00-16:30
The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

The European Centre for the Study of Crime, Policing and Justice at the Open University hosted a one-day Conference. Five papers were presented; full details are given on the programme.

6th Annual Conference
Deviance, Crime and Prevention in a Punitive Age (EU funded)

17-19 June 2009

As part of a consortium from 10 European countries ICCCR hosted the final in a series of conferences on Deviance, Crime and Prevention in Europe.

The aim of CRIMPREV, over the course of three years, is to provide an overall assessment of the current knowledge of crime, crime prevention and deviance in Europe. The CRIMPREV consortium is made up of 31 universities and research institutes spread across Europe from 10 European countries. The Open University's ICCCR (International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research) is one of four British university-based research groups in the consortium. The work of CRIMPREV has been broken into six carefully structured work packages:

  • Factors of Deviant Behaviours
  • Criminalisation
  • Perceptions of Crime
  • Interactions (between different forms of deviance, organised crime etc)
  • Public Policies of Prevention
  • Methodology and Good Practices Guidelines

Conference Programme (PDF document, 36 KB)

Research-Practice Conference
Lost in Application: Child Witnesses and Psychological Research on Trial

10 June 2009
Hilton Hotel, Timbold Drive, Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes

Plese visit the website for information about the conference and the Lost in Application Research-Practice Network.

5th Annual Conference
The Metropolis on Trial

10-12 July 2008

This 3 day conference celebrated the completion of the Old Bailey online project. Proceedings of the Old Bailey from 1674 to 1834 but also those of its successor, the Central Criminal Court, from 1834 to 1913 are now available on the Old Bailey Online website.

Speakers included Carloyn Conley (Alabama), Martin Weiner (Rice), Bob Shoemaker (Sheffield), Peter King (Open), Patrick Curran QC, Bruce Holder QC , James Sharpe (York)

4th Annual Conference
The Progressive Prison? Historical Narratives; Contemporary realities

21-22 June 2007

Speakers included Alison Liebling (Cambridge), Richard Sparks (Edinburgh), Joe Sim (Liverpool), Pat Carlen (Keele).

3rd Annual Conference
Youth Justice and the Antisocial

31 March 2006

This one day conference critically explored the impact of antisocial behaviour legislation in England and Wales and Scotland. Key note speakers included Rod Morgan (YJB), Lesley McAra (Edinburgh), Jim Whitfield (ICCCR), Bill Pitt (Respect Task Force) and Matt Foot (ASBOConcern).

2nd Annual Conference
New Directions in Community Safety

3 December 2004

The one-day conference New Directions in Community Safety was organised in conjunction with the British Society of Criminology and Birmingham CityPride. Its main aim was to critically interrogate contemporary community safety practice, policy, theory and research. Key note speakers included Peter Neyroud (Thames Valley Police), Rene van Swaaningen (Rotterdam) and Ian Loader (Oxford).

Inaugural Conference
The Persistent Prison

12-13 December 2003

The inaugural conference of the ICCCR - 'The Persistent Prison' was held at Walton Hall on 12 and 13 December 2003. It aimed to interrogate the fundamental assumptions behind the continued use of the prison as the primary form of punishment in the United Kingdom, and to bring together academics and policy makers in a frank discussion of its future. Academic speakers included Prof. Pieter Spierenburg (Erasmus University) and Prof. Michael Hough (King's College, London University). Practitioners speaking included Rod Morgan (HM Chief Inspector of Probation) and Martin Narey (Home Office Commissioner for Correctional Services).

Day 1
Day 2

The conference proceedings have been published by Francis Boutle.