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OU contribution to the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration

By Emma Burnett - 6 September 2017, 11:07

Avi Boukli and Tendayi Bloom participated in the thematic meetings relating to smuggling and trafficking of persons at the UN in Vienna at the beginning of September. They attended the meetings and gave a spoken intervention on behalf of The Open University, based on research into private sector migration management.

OpenSpace Researchers at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference

By Emma Burnett - 23 August 2017, 14:07

The Royal Geographical Society’s (with the Institute of British Geographers) annual conference will be held at the Royal Geographical Society in London, from Tuesday 29 August to Friday 1 September, 2017.

Professor Raghuram and Dr Bloom give evidence at the UN

By Emma Burnett - 15 August 2017, 10:54
Professor Parvati Raghuram and Dr Tendayi Bloom attended the fourth of the thematic sessions for the UN compact for safe, orderly and regular migration at the UN Headquarters in New York from 24-26 July, 2017. Both Professor Rahuram and Dr Bloom gave spoken interventions.

Home-Grown Food and the Pleasure of Sharing. New paper from Petr Jehlička

By Emma Burnett - 28 July 2017, 12:13

Despite the unprecedented attention paid to the sharing economy and despite the growing interest in household food production, the non-market and non-monetised sharing of home-grown food – a social practice at the intersection of these two concerns – has so far largely escaped scholars’ attention.

Parvati Raghuram delivers Keynote Speech at Beirut Orient Institute

By Emma Burnett - 30 June 2017, 11:27

Parvati Raghuram, Professor in Geography and Migration at the Open University, recently gave the talk at the Beirut Orient Institute's Postcolonial Legacies, Scholarly Mobility and Research Capacity Building workshop.

IDEAS in Kenya

By Emma Burnett - 23 June 2017, 09:59

SCiM-MK Focus group on smart tech use by blind and partially sighted people

By Emma Burnett - 9 June 2017, 09:38

The Smart Cities in the Making: Learning from Milton Keynes project is researching the way blind and partially sighted people use smart technology to improve urban navigation. Sophie Watson and Oliver Zanetti are currently putting together a focus group on the subject.

Revolutionising paper technology

By Emma Burnett - 2 June 2017, 13:06

Openspace member Dr George Revill is part of a project team exploring how print and internet based texts and information can be used together. The University of Surrey’s Professor David Frohlich in collaboration with the Open University has won £1.17m, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), to research and develop paper materials that would allow readers to “interact” with printed materials like Harry Potter portraits.

Smart Cities and M3: Rapid Research, Meaningful Metrics and Co-Design

By Emma Burnett - 2 June 2017, 11:56

A new paper from Simon Bell, Francesca Benatti, Neil R. Edwards, Robin Laney, David R. Morse, Lara Piccolo, and OpenSpace's Oliver Zanetti.



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