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OpenSpace Research Centre

The Open University's Centre for Geographical and Environmental Research



The OpenSpace Research Centre generates a collective research culture, facilitated by regular discussions and events, including a seminar series with internal and visiting scholars, opportunities to workshop research in progress, and reading groups. Our emphasis is on support, inclusivity, and the exchange of ideas. As a result we have ongoing and sustained conversations across a range of research topics, focusing on common concerns such as the theorisation of space, nature, culture, agency and politics.

Learn how our diverse research projects intersect and compliment each other:

Environment and Politics

Work in this theme looks at questions of environmental policy and justice, focusing on a variety of contemporary challenges, including climate change, ecological resilience and biosecurity.

Culture and Practice

The focus of research in this theme is on understanding the changing spaces and spatialities of social life and cultural practice.

Space and Power

Research in this theme investigates how power relationships can be experienced and observed through a spatial analysis.


OpenSpace Newsletter

OpenSpace's newsletter contains information about the Centre, forthcoming events, latest publications and research funding successes.


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