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The Children’s Research Centre draws upon a range of theoretical perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches to evaluate how children and young people can benefit from designing, implementing and sharing findings from their own independent research. Our underpinning rationale is multi-faceted: CRC members embrace a range of perspectives on the benefits of research led by young people, including the facilitation of children’s voices, inclusion, learning, and enculturation into the world of research and different ways of thinking. CRC members take a critical stance on issues related to participatory research practice and continue to explore the different ways in which enquiry approaches can be developed for independent use by children and young people. See our video featuring young researchers:

View the video on our YouTube Channel.

You can see the research carried out by 150+ young researchers by clicking on the tab above. If you would like to know more about what we do or would like to talk to us about how you might use our resources to support the children and young people who you work with, please do contact us.


    This international Children-as -Researchers Conference was hosted by the Darussafaka Foundation, a charitable organisation in Turkey which provides education for orphaned or fatherless children.
    We are delighted to welcome Maggie to CRC.
    The CRC's Dr Cindy Kerawalla worked with a group of Girl Guides to develop a new national Go For It! badge called Streets Ahead. To gain their badge, Guides carry out their own research into a local topic of their choice.