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Publications (in date order)

Kerawalla, L. & Messer, D. (under review) You can't be 'sloppy' or 'skew whiff': Young people's perspectives on the personal characteristics of social science researchers. International Journal of Educational Research.

Kerawalla, L. & Messer, D. (under review) Young people's first-hand perspectives on what it feels like to be a social science researcher. British Educational Research Journal.

Cooper, V. (under review) Lost in translation: Exploring childhood identity using photo-elicitation. Children's Geographies.

Cooper, V. (under review) Picture this: Participatory research practice. Childhood.

Kim, C.-Y. (In-press) 'Participation or pedagogy?: Ambiguities and tensions surrounding the facilitation of children as researchers', Childhood.

Kim, C-Y., Kerawalla, L. & Sheehy, K. (in press) Developing children as researchers: A practical guide to helping children conduct research. Routledge.

Kim, C-Y. (2015) Why research 'by' children? Rethinking the assumptions underlying the facilitation of children as researchers. Children & Society

Kerawalla, L. (2014) Young researchers' use of the ‘Our Story’ app to create multimedia experiential research narratives: putting 'me' back into accounts of research process. In Proceedings of  ICERI, Seville, Spain, Nov.

Kerawalla, L. & Webb, R. (2014) 'I did it mostly by myself': MyShout! and how it was used by a 12-year-old researcher to support his own social research project. In Proceedings of EduLearn14, Barcelona, Spain, 7-9 July.

Kim, C.-Y. and Kerawalla, L. (2014) Enabling teachers to facilitate primary school children’s participation in research: the benefits and challenges of an experiential learning approach. In proceedings of the International Conference 'A Child's World - Next Steps', Aberystwyth, Wales, 25-27 June, 2014.

Kerawalla, L. (2014) Empowered participation through inclusive inquiry. In J. Westwood, C. Larkins, D. Moxon, Y. Perry & N. Thomas (eds.) Participation, Citizenship and Intergenerational Relations in Children and Young People’s Lives: Children and Adults in Conversation, Macmillan Palgrave.

Bucknall, S. (2012) Children as researchers in primary schools. London & New York: Routledge.

  • Background
  • A model for good practice
  • Interactive activities introducing and consolidating each step of the research process
  • Suggestions for reflection and evaluation
  • Photocopiable resources
  • Suggestions for further reading 


Kellett, M. (2005) How to develop children as researchers. London: Paul Chapman Publishing.


  • Differentiated teaching programme
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Photocopiable resources
  • Interactive activities
  • Games