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InfoMigrants (IM) is a website which informs migrants and refugees about the migration situation in countries of origin, transit and destination, while facilitating access to relevant, timely and accurate news and information in order to counter the erroneous information passed on by human traffickers. InfoMigrants is available in five languages: French, Arabic and English, Dari and Pashto. is working in partnership with the Open University, which is responsible for evaluating the project. We have adapted the CVM to asses the value of the platform for different stakeholders. One of the strands of the project is to evaluate the level and quality of user engagement with the website and its social media platforms. We have conducted content analysis of the most popular articles on their Facebook pages in English, French , Arabic and Dari as well as analysing user comments. In doing so, we have provided IM with qualitative ethnographically-informed insights into the relationship between their content and user's responses as well as into the nature and quality of the debate on migration.

About InfoMigrants

InfoMigrants is a collaboration led by three major European media sources: France Médias Monde (France 24, Radio France International, Monte Carlo Doualiya), the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and the Italian press agency ANSA. InfoMigrants is co-financed by the European Union.


Today’s migrants may lack many things, but smart phones and social media enable them to stay connected with the world in a way that wasn’t possible a generation ago. They keep up with friends, family and news across multiple countries. To reach this connected population, InfoMigrants is available via multiple platforms, principally mobile phone and social media.


To supply migrants with reliable, verified, objective and balanced news and information about the countries they have left, the countries they travel through, and the countries where they are headed.

Researchers and Authors

Margie Cheesman, Marie Gillespie, Sarajuddin Isar, Ilia Lvov, Eva Nieto McAvoy, Peter O’Brien, Violette Saroufim, Nour Shreim, Colin Wilding