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Even before the launch of BBC Persian television (PTV) the Islamic Republic reacted negatively.
The 2008 US Elections, Gatekeeping and Trans-editing
Consisting of an international conference and a book , this project seeks to locate BBC World Music broadcasting in the larger context of musical flows and diasporic contact zones across the world.
Since its inception in 1932 as the Empire Service, the BBCWS has been an employer of diasporic personnel encompassing diverse categories of migrants.
This project examines the “Have Your Say” forums of the BBC Urdu and BBC Hindi sites during the time of the violent attacks on Mumbai in November 2008.
In September 2009, BBC World Service Marketing, Communications and Audiences commissioned Tuning In researchers to carry out research on the consumption of transnational news channels.
This research examined the coverage of news and online forums related to coverage of the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakhba in May 2008 on several formats across the two languages.
The BBC World Service has demonstrably wielded diplomatic influence since its inception, nearly eighty years ago.
This research examined how talk about religion is facilitated and conducted on the BBC online discussion forum Have Your Say (HYS) between January and July 2007.
Although London has remained the centre of what we have learnt to call, since 1988, the BBC World Service, the conceptual geography of overseas broadcasting.
This project examined the BBC Pashto Service since 1980, from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and since 9/11.
This project explored the historical role of BBC Persian (BBCPS) radio from its establishment in December 1940 until 1977.