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  1. Enduring Love?
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The Enduring Love? project maintains connections with third sector organisations, government departments and research centres focused on personal relationships and family lives. We are also committed to building up a research network of affiliated projects which fosters dialogue and the sharing of knowledge among the academic community. If you are interested in pursuing research connections and/or becoming an affiliate then please contact us. Affiliates can be at any stage of their academic career.

Third sector organisations

Government departments

Research centres

Affiliated research projects


  • Relationship Education Resources

    Relationship education Big Ben

    OU-Brook online relationship information resources for young people and an eLearning teaching pack designed for use in schools as part of sex and relationship education (SRE) curriculum are launched at the House of Commons (13/09/16), in an event hosted by cross-party MPs.


  • Impact Award

    Jacqui Gabb impact award

    In recognition of its innovative and wide ranging impact and public engagement activities, the inaugural Evelyn Gillian Research Impact Award (2016) was awarded to Jacqui Gabb at the International CRFR conference in Edinburgh.


  • Relationship Handbook

    Relationship handbook

    Findings have been published for a general readership in a self-help handbook, simultaneously serialized by the Daily Mail (1-5/02/2016). The Secrets of Enduring Love was launched at the Art of Relationships event hosted at the Royal Society of Arts, London, with a live performance from David McAlmont and Guy Davies.