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Learning, teaching and research

The Open University is said to have changed the face of British higher education with its quality teaching materials, innovative pedagogy and exploitation of new technologies. Its research has gone from strength to strength, with more than 50 per cent ‘internationally excellent’. This section looks at the development of the University as an academic institution.

Featured articles

By 4 August 1970, the closing date for prospective students to apply, the new university had...

Personal stories

In 2004 my life changed drastically. I went from being independent, having a career with the civil...

Course materials for EM235 Developing mathematical thinking

From the four foundation courses offered in 1971 to the more than 500 offered now, including the development of Continuing Education.

Sir John Daniel signs an agreement for a partnership with the RAF

Partnerships with business, public and voluntary organisations, and other educational institutions, plus the ever-present BBC.

Research at the OU

Development of research at The Open University from teething problems to more than 50 per cent judged ‘internationally excellent’.

Debates about pedagogy and tools used, including home experiment kits, residential schools, broadcasting, the internet and social media.