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People and institutions

The Open University is credited to the ideas of Harold Wilson, the drive of Jennie Lee, and the skill of Walter Perry amongst many others. But millions of staff, students and others have played their part. This section looks at people individually and collectively as well as the institutional development of the University and its relationships with others.

Featured articles

Anastasios Christodoulou (1932-2002) was the first Secretary of The Open University and as such can...

Personal stories

Born on Christmas Day in 1948 (!), I subsequently went to college in 1967 and gained a Teaching...

Working for The Open University at Walton Hall, in a regional or national centre, or as an Associate Lecturer. Add your story!

The evolving experience of studying at The Open University and its impact on students and their families. Add your story!

Margaret Thatcher visits as Education Secretary in 1973

The people who shaped The Open University's early years or have had a significant impact on its direction since.

Jennie Lee receives her honorary degree from Lord Gardiner

The evolving organisation, the influence of changing governments and policy and The Open University in British culture.